Comments for Ex-Disney Employee with Asperger’s Recalls Consoling Child With Same Condition In Tearjerking Post

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  1. Faithful Friend

    ‘Gary’ did an excellent job consoling the boy. His answer was tender, yet bluntly honest. We need more honesty and transparency like this in this world.

  2. Melanie Durham

    What a great story! Thank you Gary

  3. Gary

    Hi; I just got pointed to this rather amazing article, Im Gary. Thank you for writing this. I just got places in quarantine, so this made my day!

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Gary glad to saw the article and on behalf of everyone at Inside the Magic thank you for being a shining example of what makes Cast Members so special.

      1. Gary

        Thank you guys for the article. I was told one time when I shared it that the story should get out. Thank you guys for getting it out

  4. Gary

    I was directed to this article by a link in my Reddit post. Thank you for your nice article. Im Gary, the one from the article.

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