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  1. Lisa Kelley

    I arrived march 13th to disney world for our family yearly trip. We are dvc members plus annual pass holders. We sadden that our trip had to be cut short but we totally understood why. We were supposed to be staying until the 20th of march but because out trip was broken into 2 separate stays we had to cancel the 16-20th section of our stay. Everyone working at Disney world were wonderful. They rescheduled rest of our trip to the last part of this coming May with our fingers crossed . But as the days go by and watching this virus spread like it is today , that is going to be a big IF. We had purchased the dining plan for 5 do you know if they will also be doing something for the dvc annual passholders that got effected by the closure of the park and the cancellation of our reservations. I know by all means we were not the only ones effected by this . At least we only had a eight hour drive not an eight hour flight and coming from another country, or this was the only time we could come on this special trip. But I did a lot of planning and arranging our schedule such as fast passes, dining reservations, special events and such . I wake up early to see if I could get that special restaurant that one of the grandkids wanted you know the hard one like storybook dining ect. And lining up the fast passes just so. So your not going all the way across the park for one the all the way back for the next. Also trying to get everyone’s favorite ride in sometime during our stay. We have someone that is wheelchair bound and an a cancer survivor that tries easily plus over heated ( I know we live in fl yes we plan for rain heat and bugs). But there is a lot that goes into a trip each time we go. I love doing it and I look forward to arrive at Disneyworld everytime. But sometimes I wonder if being a dvc member we get left out of the free dining plan. I pay monthly for our membership just like I would for a regular reservation if not more and we pay monthly payments for annual passes so why doesn’t disney offer a free dining perk once in awhile for our group. Sorry for being long winded

  2. Sue

    I think its great that Disney is doing this. However I think DVC members deserve a treat too. I lost my 70th birthday but am not getting the offer because I am a DVC member. Seems unfair to me.

    1. Harley

      We as dvc members from the beginning said this too my kid 12th bday got canceled and our summer vacation to dl might be canceled and we aren’t aloud to play along w this unlike other times is unfair! Its kinda unfair for ap to have to pay for the extra time too don’t we pay enough??

  3. Brenda

    We have reservations in April with the millitary discount and 6 day passes with my sister. I have not heard back from Disney if we rebook will we get free dinning since we already have tickets but they expire December 31st and my sister may not be able to rebook the same time.

  4. If in a few months I’m still alive, and the parks reopen. I will be happy to go and spend money again. I think people who had travel and special activities planned should get something. That is great. I only need my ticket extended for the time the park is shut down.

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