Comments for 2020 Hurricanes May Bring More Trouble to Disney Parks

2020 Hurricane and Typhoon Season Disney Parks


  1. Mark

    This is a really major concern for fl as well as fire season which will be bad if we do not get rain soon! They said both are going to be horrible this yr and after all this not something you want to hear! Esp if it continues how are we going to evacuate God forbid but stay home??? At that pt people are going to be worried about homes and well being through that instead of bat flu! Forget disney vacations etc!

    1. Harley

      My kid has bad allergies i am more worried about fires making everything worse just as much as him getting sick again w bat flu! We just said the same in our family could you imagine being inside then go get out bc hurricane is coming! Its all crazy if you ask me! Stay safe everyone!

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