Comments for MAGA Mickey Mouse Update: Trump Supporters Sent Away from Disney Property

Trump Supporters Disney World

Credit: WESH


  1. Darth Sigh

    It doesn’t matter what Disney’s internal rules are.

    This rally was about supporting Donald Trump, and Disney should ignore their own rules in order to allow something that supports our President. Congress did!

    Just wait until Trump himself hears what Disney did. He will be so mad (and sad) to hear that didn’t bend over backwards to blindly protect something about him, no matter what it was.

    In response, Disney deserves all kinds of nasty tweets from President Donald Trump. Unlike Disney, I bet President Donald Trump won’t disappoint on that front!

    My God, in all this hulabaloo, didn’t anybody take a moment to think about the President’s feelings??!

    1. frostysnowman

      Cue the nasty tweet storm in 3, 2, 1….

      1. Jackie

        Besides cue nasty anything its like i feel itm does this on purpose so instead of theme park fans unite under commentary they rather see us fight! What does any of this bs have to do w the parks itm??? What slow news day??

  2. frostysnowman

    Can you?

  3. James

    If those same protesters were liberal idiots or antifa they would’ve giving the Officers a hard time or wanted to fight them. The conservatives or Republicans peacefully moved without incident

    1. Paul Alter

      Liberals would have had no more problem moving off Disney property than conservatives.

      If you want to talk about antifa then maybe equate that to radical white supremacist organizations like Aryan Nations, American Freedom Party, Identity Evropa, Patriot Front, and dozens of others. Equating the roughly 42% of Americans who consider themselves liberals with antifa is no more valid than equating the roughly 42% of Americans who consider themselves conservatives with white nationalist groups.

      1. Peter

        It’s time to pop that stinky bubble you live in and tell the truth , it’s not even close on who gets crapped on .

      2. Paul mccann

        I’m curious, where did you get the 42percent figures. If those are correct that is a chilling indicator of just how bad this dangerous extremism is getting on both sides of the isle. I am more centrist, I am an atheist who believes in the necessity of religious expression and freedom, I believe in freedom of speach and expression offensive or not. I believe in women’s rights and also men’s rights. I am for gay marriage. I am pro police and anti blm. I believe in peaceful protests and am against riots. I believe personal liberties take precedence over group identity. With all these combined I consider myself just barely a conservative, so what about this point of view makes me as a republican a white supremacist? I’m curious.

  4. Rings

    Every Disney employee/stock holder (like me) should be thanking Trump for creating the tsunami of business he has created for Disney for 2 reasons:
    1 He has put more $$ in peoples pockets so they can afford to go on vacation, even at Disney’s crazy prices.
    2 He causes so much political controversy, that people get stressed out and want to escape to a place where everything is perfect and fun and you don’t have to think about all that crap.
    So Disney should be holding MAGA rallies so they stay in business for next 4 years! 🙂

  5. Paul David McCann

    I’m a republican, I hate disney for other thing they are doing, but all that said, I have to agree with disney in this regard. Personal property rights should be respected, disney owns that property, and in this case, those activists were in the wrong.

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