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Unofficial Disney Princesses with Bunnies


  1. Thomas

    Anna and Elsa were intended to join the line-up of Official Princesses, but because of how big Frozen became, to the point it is it’s own franchise now, Disney knew they didn’t need to put the Disney Princess tag on to sell them.
    Princess Leia will more than likely never be added to the list as she was a fully fledged character long before Disney bought the rights.
    None of the characters from Marvel will be added either for the same reason, if you look at it from a Disney Park perspective, Leia, Elizabeth Swan, Marvel characters, they’d look pretty out of place mingling alongside Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora in Cinderella’s castle.
    Eilonwy deserves more love, and The Black Cauldron is a great movie, it’s one that I was quite regularly. It’s maybe too dark and scary for children, which will go some way to explain why it didn’t do well at the box office (though I think ‘Home on the Range’ is now Disney’s biggest flop).
    Miss Piggy ain’t no Princess, she’s the goddamn queen of everything!
    As for your honorable mentions: Vanellope would actually be a kinda cool addition, though unlikely. Tinkerbell has her own franchise with the Fairies. Elena I think was banded around to join the line up, but I think it’s limited to those featured in the Animation Canon and Pixar. Alice wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility, even though it’s never indicated if she’s a princess or not, but then she is a Princess of Heart in the Kingdom Hearts series, but if she was to be added she would have been added when they launched the franchise – though I do think they sometimes added her to the merchandise anyway. Giselle was actually meant to be in the line-up, and I think they had a big event to induct her, until they realised that they’d have to pay Amy Adams lifetime royalties for the use of her image (I still count her though since she was fully intended to be).

  2. Mark

    There is an issue w your honorable mention list elena is an offical princess she even had her own welcome show etc and she has a m&g w cinderella in the princess hall! And vanellope is an offical princess that announcement was made when they announced all the princesses would be in the 2nd movie they even call em comfy princess squad! Why would either of these happen if they werent princesses???
    Moana is a leader and not called a princess but disney still counts her along w anna and elsa too! Do research dude!

  3. Bwes

    What about the girl from Tron?

  4. Chris

    What about anastasia? Disney bought Fox and she should btw first on the list.

    1. Harley

      She is on this list and has been unofficial official bc so many anya fans thought of her as one esp since some disney heads were producers/production people on the musical… thus this list is about princesses that arent but he still has issues w the list as many are!
      It doesnt matter if they are on some offical list alot arent but are considered to be i agree w mark above so to me this whole convo is invalid and so has the offical princess list for a while!

  5. Joey Glusky

    Elena of Avalor is already a princess. Instead, how about Sofia the First?

  6. Kat

    Neytiri, from “Avatar” is the daughter of the tribes leader, so a princess … not 100% Disney, but i would put her in there 😀

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