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Tim Allen Home Improvement

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    I don’t watch his current show due to his politics and the character, and I won’t watch any reboot or sequel to Home Improvement. I don’t miss it, and never had any nostalgia for it whatsoever. In fact I only really find his work on Toy Story to have any value at all.

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      Christina Tritch

      Absolutely! The show reminded me of my sister’s family, complete with three boys. It was funny, CLEAN entertainment, something you don’t see much of anymore.

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        You ought to try to fix last man standing before your start another show. Last man standing is not funny, or Amusing.

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        Colleen Garrett

        It would be interesting to see how things have changed for sure so yes a reboot would be great

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        Mary Ann sirtori

        I always loved home improvement it was my favorite comedy Tim Allen and his cast were terrific I would love to see it again.

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          I’m all for it! Loved Home Improvements, and love last man standing. Haven’t actually seen anything Tim Allen has done that I didnt like. People need to lighten up and laugh once in a while. There aren’t many shows out there that do that anymore.

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        Like it

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        Carol Lynn Dauve

        We need good wholesome shows on tv at at the theatre. Loved loved Tim the Tool Man, would watch every night if it was on. The whole crew and cast were awesome back in the day, would love to see everyone. Come on Tim, do it, do it for us Detroiters, hey and don’t forget Jay Leno, we love him too❤️❤️❤️ You got my Vote

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      Johnnie Russell

      Yes I watch it I love Home Improvement I like when Tim Allen is the man

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        margaret ribaudo

        I love last man, I’m watching it now. I have wated home improvement many times over. I would love a look into the Taylor family 2020. I would love to watch!

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        Jennifer Bailey

        I would absolutely watch that home improvement was one of my absolute favorite shows.

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      Lmao …LAME.
      Tim Allen rocks and I think all his work is good… some better than others. I know my family and friends would watch Home Improvement and happy to see Last Man Standing… clearly he is one of the Last men standing as he doesn’t follow, he has the guts to voice his opinion.

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        Stacy A Noland

        I would watch it.. I love l
        Tim Allen and i think he’s a funny actor.

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        Yes I’d watch his show, I watch Last Man Standing.

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      Deanne Foreman

      We watch reruns of home improvement because we dont have cable.That show makes you laugh which nowdays with the tv shows they have ;suck.All the have now is cop this cop that.

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      If he was to bring the show back I would most definitely watch it an good show and I enjoy watching it

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      I would definitely watch it especially with my kids since I watched it as a kid myself.

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      I would watch as it was a family favorite. We would sit around and laugh at all the jokes being told above and below the table.

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        I would love it it I was a huge fan of the show and still watch the reruns !My wifes name was Jill at the time it aired and I took a job in a home improvement store and my name is Tim ,so everyone remembered us as Tim the tool man and Jill lol

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      Yes please I loved home improvement

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      Jerry Barnett

      I would love to see it. It’s a Great Idea to bring it Back. But I want Heidi Back as The Tool Girl. Not Lisa.

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        Anna walk

        Yes I would watch home improvement very funny show. I love Tim Allen. He’s a fantastic comedian

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      He already did, just with 3 daughters instead of sons

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    Yessss, more Powerrrr! Bringing back Home improvement would be superb, even as a one off. I think Tim is a great actor, achieving the same magic in Last Man Standing as in Home Improvement.

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      Brent S.

      Yes I loved that show!

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      Cynthia Jones

      Absolutely, one of my favorite show’s

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    I loved the original! As long as it’s done well I would definitely watch the reboot!

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    Yes, bring it back! My whole family loved the show! We would definitely watch it again! Ruh, Ruh, rug!

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    Yes, yes, yes!

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      Todd Dreher

      Patti. You have good taste.

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    YES! Bring it all BACK, and the sooner the better!

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      Absolutely would watch it, was a good show when it was on.Also enjoy watching Last Man Standing

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      Eric Arthur Jackson

      I don’t think so Tim I don’t think so Al they could say that Home Improvement together again with jill
      With Randy with Brad with Mark and the one more thing to say with more power

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        Mistyis tr t

        Heck yes I lived that show and I currently watch last man standing .

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      Yes! Would LOVE to see them make a come back! Always LOVED watching it with my dad. He has ALWAYS liked Tim Allen! Bring the show back!!!

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    Russ Frohman

    Yes I would watch home improvement I love that show so yes bring home improvement back!

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    only if JTT is part of this. he was my huge crush back in the day. and why mention pamela anderson when she was only on one season? the actress who played heidi after her was there for the rest of the seasons.

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    Nancy Steward

    Yes my family loved Home Improvement. We would enjoy watching a reboot to see where everyone is all these years later.

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      Yes bring it back even though we won’t have Wilson there but I watch the rerun daily.

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        Kimberly Osantowski

        Yes love the show still watch the old ones every day also love last Man standing

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          Yes bring it back like Full House did on Netflix. I’d definitely watch it. Up

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        Marc Girard

        No, let it die with dignity. The original was at a dead end of story lines. Cant imagine watching a rebooted version.

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      Yes I would watch it, hope they could get most of original cast. I know Wilson passed. Bad with names really liked him. Love last man standing & his political licks he gets in. ✋✋👍

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      Yes bring it back even though Wilson will not be there it will still be great.

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    Kimberly Osantowski

    Yes love the show I still watch the old one everyday and I do watch last Man standing love it so yes yes yes yes

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    Kimberly Osantowski

    Yes love the show still watch the old ones every day also love last Man standing

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    Christina Tritch

    Absolutely! The show reminded me of my sister’s family, complete with three boys. It was funny, CLEAN entertainment, something you don’t see much of anymore.

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      Yes I will watch it…with the full cast…and JTT too.

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    Yes bring it back I loved that show

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    Steve Lauro

    Definitely would! I watch reruns every day. Would be great to watch new ones along with Last Man Standing. Also watch those reruns every day!

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    Yes it would be very nice

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    Denise B.

    I would love to see this show come back. I love Tim Allen and was sad to see this show go.

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    Yes absolutely! That was a favorite show of mine.

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    Yes I love tool time I watch reruns every night at 9.. The none cursing family show is a plus for me..👍👍

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    Absolutely, positively!! First of all, Tim Allen is one of the funniest guys on tv….i love every show and every movie that he’s in…Home Improvement is a good,clean comedy thats great for everyone!! PLEASE DO IT!!!

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    Yes I will watch it…with the full cast…and JTT too.

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    Yes but Bring back JTT..He is. What made the show #1..

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    Tom Rohrer

    I would definitely watch it

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    Yes, as long as we got to keep Last Man Standing too.

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    I don’t think so Tim I don’t think so Al they could say that Home Improvement together again with jill
    With Randy with Brad with Mark and the one more thing to say with more power

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    I’d watch it

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    YES YES YES!! One of my favorite shows. I watch the reruns and would love to see the next chapter of their lives. Bring it on!!

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    Barb Bormes

    Sure, that was a great sitcom!!

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    Yes I will watch any show he is in. At least he stays on point about his political views.

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    Brenda Mauldin

    Absolutely, I would watch it every week.

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    Adam Jacob Cox

    Yes I would watch that was a good show

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    Mike Gonzales

    Yes! Absolutely and for the people that said no then good don’t watch i will love it. Bring it back!!!

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    Absolutely! Tim Taylor shows are funny and entertaining with good old common sense messages in the storylines.

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    Yes I would watch. His politics is what 80 percent of country agree with. We certainly dont need a socialist ruining our country

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    Yes I like Home Improvement. Z bring it back

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    Damn Right I Would. Watch Re-Runs Now as much as I can. Good Wholesome Family Comedy!

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      I would watch it it’s been my favorite show forever.:) I love Home improvement I really hope they bring it back!!!

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    Bobby Jessy Day

    Hell yes

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    Of course I would watch it I grew up watching that show and if it was on right now I would be watching it I thought it was a great show

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    Michael Ingram

    I would definitely watch it!

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    Robert E Kile

    YES most definitely, Loved that show as much as Last Man Standing.

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    Love Tim Allen and his stuff. Would definitely watch it.

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    Time out

    Yes by all means yes

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    Time out

    Oh yes…do

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    Absolutely yes! I’m interested in seeing what became of the characters- R I P Wilson!- and what they’ve done with their lives.

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      Yes i would watch it

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    Yes I would give it a try. I loved the original show and would watch if the whole cast would be full time cast members. All of the son’s, now grown up men. Wilson Wilson would be sorely missed. He was such a great neighbor. I don’t know how it would go over. Really good show and I like Last Man Standing. And love the insertion of the first cast into these shows. Would be interesting.

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    Absolutely I would. I watch the reruns on tv just about every night since I don’t have cable

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    Deanne Foreman

    We watch reruns of home improvement because we dont have cable.That show makes you laugh which nowdays with the tv shows they have ;suck.All the have now is cop this cop that.

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    Charlotte Brown

    I would love to see Tool Time return I like Tim Allen he’s funny I love his political sarcasm. I also really like last man standing one of my favorite shows

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    Absolutely. One of the best sitcoms ever.

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    Sandra Bersin

    Absolutely! Watched the original first time around, now watching reruns.

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    I’ve been waiting for a remake, ever since the show ended! I love Tool Time and all the antics. It was always good clean comedy. They looked like a normal family.

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    Darlene Mason

    Yes i would love to see home Improvement again i still watch the old ones.

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    Yes I would I still watch it cracks me up

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    Yes i would

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    Todd Dreher

    Yes I will watch it. Just because some people for the Democratic side and Mike outspoken people such as Tim Allen and Trump I think everybody ought to be hush-hush like Democrats usually are so you don’t offend people. That’s the problem with the softness of people these days don’t offend anybody don’t hurt my feelings. I’m tired of all the damn snowflakes. Don’t like it get out of the country way it’s always been this way it should always be. Get some thick skin grow up and be a man. I yes I will watch Home Improvement again I wish you never would have gone off the air. But of course they’re going to have to find a new cast of kids the play inside the show because the other ones are just two old anymore. And I hope the same producers will still be the same as the first ones so that this way the whole thing stays the same. You put somebody else in to try to ride it and produced it it won’t be the same going to be a flop. But I loved it I still look it up on YouTube and watch it yes I would like to see it comeback.

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    I love both Home Improvement and Last Man Standing. I love Tim Allen.

    Yes, I would watch.

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    Tony H.

    ABSOLUTELY! Can’t get enough of Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor! Not having neighbor Wilson would hurt, but I’m all for it!

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    Absolutely. I own the complete series on DVD. I looo-oove home improvement!!!” Do it tim!!! “

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    Brooks Rollins

    Yes!!! 100% Yes. Loved that show and I love Tim Allen.

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    I wood I loved that show

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    I wood watch I loved that show when it was on

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    Eva Wilken

    Yes I would watch it.

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    Yes I would love it

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    Yes, bring back the show! Arg arg arg. Good home quality entertainment.

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    Areta buurge

    Love home improvement

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    I used to love that show. I might watch it. It would have to be done right and would need to be better than his current show which is full of too much politics for my liking and isn’t very good.

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    Blaine Heebner

    Would absolutely watch but bring back Debbi Dunning as the tool time girl. She was there the longest.

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    Love tim the taylor toolman, i watch it on my android box now and you bet i would watch it if it comes back. Love everyone on the show, and sorry for the loss of the great neighbor mr wilson.

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    Faithful Friend

    No thanks. IMO the show would not be the same in todays world. The 90s, on the other hand, had many awesome shows that don’t exist today: some of them were campy and funny (like Home Improvement), some melodramatic (like 90210 and Melrose Place), and some were ‘edutainment’ (The Magic School Bus, Bill Nye the Science Guy) and don’t forget, it also included the ‘Golden Era’ of cartoons! These reboots are simply annoying and ruining my childhood. Thanks for allowing me to vent, lol!

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    Paula Byler

    Yes! And yes to Santa clause 4! Love Tim Allen!

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    Cydney Allsbrook

    Absolutely, the cast had a clean family show that was great entertainment . And the chemistry between all the cast, with Tim and Patricia and both of the ad-libbing they did was very entertaining.
    I would definitely watch it.

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    Yes I would . Loved this show , was clean family viewing

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    They could totally do it and the reason to come back could be for Wilson’s funeral or something. I would watch it for sure.

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    🙌🏼🙌🏼 Yesss I was just thinking of this show, bring home improvement back 👏🏼👏🏼

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    Yes please bring it back favorite show growing up

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    Yes we would watch it with my grandchildren like I did with my children

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    Yes bring it back like Full House did on Netflix. I’d definitely watch it.

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    YES! I would watch it. Simple comedy that didn’t require alot of junk. I liked the comedy shows back then.

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    Jamie west

    Yes indeedy I would. I grew up on this. And by more appropriate for my 4 children then most shows on t.v. they are stuck to K.E.T only bc even cartoons are inappropriate for children any more.

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    Yes I would watch it. I watch it as a kid and I’ll still watch it.

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    Yes I would I love this show and I still watch reru s of home improvement every night before going g to bed love the idea.hey make it another series

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    I most definitely would watch

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    Would be great but would have to carry out Wilson
    somehow maybe bring in a lost twin brother or something

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    Barbra burgo

    Yes i would i love his show and mykids love it to

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    Angela McCaslin

    Most definitely! I love Home Improvement! It was an AWESOME show!!!!!

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    Michael horton

    Bring it back I think it will be a hit.

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    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!

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    Maryann Sirtori

    It was my favorite comedy please. Bring it back.

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    Yes yes yes yessssss… please it back and hopefully New episode with old cast in them.

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    Heck yea I no doubt watch it!!! It was one of the best shows ever!! Let’s do it!

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      Tim Alan Robinson

      Would love to have Tool Time come back. The name fits also, (Tim Alan)Robinson

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    Morgan Witherall

    Yes I would watch home improvement if they brought it back onto tv I loved watching it when it was on years ago

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    I would love to watch the show again, it was one of my favourite shows. I watch Tim Allen’s new show last man standing! I would love to see how the boys have grown and what they would be doing now.

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    Donna L Dale

    never watched. plan to repeat.

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    Yea o would love to see reruns come back on tv. I believe it was a very good show for the whole family especially kids. It is a “Clean” show that they can watch compared to the smut on tv now. My kids and me watched the show for the many years it aired. Love Tim in this show so YES I would love for it to come back!
    Nancy from Mississippi ❤️

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    Heck yea I’d watch it and want to see it back I lived that show when it was on my fav show

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    I would totally watch it, it wss a great show,

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    PLEEEEEEZ come back, Home Improvement!!!

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    Yes. I looked forward top watching ‘Home Improvement’ back in the day. It was one of my favorite shows. I would love to see it again.

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    Growing up in the later 90’s I was an oddball kid loved Home Improvement and Walker Texas Ranger, I would get home from school and watch them religiously and laugh. Love his Last Man Standing now and would love to see even a movie spin off of the show. I think Tim Allen is hilarious and a great guy. Has the same views a lot of his fans/country have and I loved the show for two reasons he was hilarious and his love of “hot rods” which is in Last Man Standing as well. I was a gear head kid then just as I am a gear head now as an adult. Been to long and can’t remember what he did to the 55 Chevy nomad I think it was he had in the show but would love to know where it’s at. Maybe even one of the boys follow in his steps or something. Would love to watch this with my son if it came out.

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    I love the show so I would loved it if they come back I would I would watch it for sure

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    I would love to see the show make come back. I ve watched them for years perhaps Jonathan Taylor thomas make sequel to ill be home for Christmas

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    JG Campbell

    Yes, I would!!

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    Marc Nyquist

    I’d love to see that happen!

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    Home improvement ended leaving me wondering what the boys are doing and if Al had any children!!!!!!!!!

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    Cathy Terito

    I love Home Improvement i watch it when it first started it is a funny sitcom i hope it comes back love to see how the family is now and just knowing that i can enjoy a show that i watched when i was younger bringing back a sitcom that made me laugh and happy so please bring it back

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    James Persico Jr

    Hell yes love home improvement

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    Yes we would watch we watch Last Man Standing every week Tim Allen is a funny and wonderful actor all of tool time were good actor’s

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    Sean Richard

    I say yes please bring this back it would be great and interesting. To see who lives and how the story lines go. Why not they brought back Fuller House

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    Laura groop

    Would love to see the show come back I keep watching all the old ones and I love last man standing

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    I sure would. I loved home improvement and I still watch the reruns. Just as long as they can get the original stars back.

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    I would love to see this come back although it makes me said that good old Wilson wouldn’t be there. But they could definitely do a tribute to him witch would mean a lot to his family as well as his fans.
    Home Improvement was an amazing show loved by so many it would be great to see them bring it back.

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    Mary jacobs

    I would love to see this! It would be great!

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    I would love it it I was a huge fan of the show and still watch the reruns !My wifes name was Jill at the time it aired and I took a job in a home improvement store and my name is Tim ,so everyone remembered us as Tim the tool man and Jill lol

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    I most definitely would watch it. Would love to have the series back to be honest. There’s not many kid friendly shows these days.

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    Yes I would watch the tv show DEFINITELY.

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    Hell yes!!!!!! Put that back on the box but, not on Wednesday

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    Yes I would definitely watch it l love watching your shows.

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    Absolutely, yes yes yes

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    Yes definitely i would watch it and hope it happens

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    Theresa Lobodzinski

    I would absolutely love to see Home Improvement return. This was such a funny show and enjoyed making my family and I laugh every week.
    I continue to watch all the reruns as well and miss the laughter and great personality
    that the actors had.
    Miss Wilson tooo!!!

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    when will it be back i can’t wait till it comes back

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    Yeah, I don’t like his politics either but he’s funny and we need more things to laugh about they have too many serious shows on TV!

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    Teresa Rodoni

    Yes I would.

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    Gam liag

    Like Tim Allen….hate reboots!!!.. they’re sad pitiful reminders of how old we’ve gotten. Keep moving forward Tim.

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    Definitely!! Love him!!

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    Michelle Taylor

    YES.! Loved the show! It was a good, clean, moral, funny sitcom for the entire family!

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