Comments for Disney Art: Disney Lady and the Tramp Falling in Love

Thomas Kinkade Studios - Disney Lady and the Tramp Falling in Love


  1. Gail

    Such a beautiful photo with wonderful colors. Such a talent to be blessed to paint like this and make itgers happy with such beauty to look at?

  2. Irene Cypher

    I love Beauty and the Beast. Such a nice love story.

  3. Tina S

    I love Lady and the Tramp! It is still one of my all time favorite Disney movies. I would love to display this picture in my home!

  4. Beth Cooper

    It’s such a beautiful painting with lots of light and color. It’s amazing how he can capture such beauty in a painting.

  5. I look at the Beautiful picture of The Lady and The Tramp it takes me back in time … a simpilar time…. childhood time…

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