Comments for Spaceship Earth Closing May 26th: New Concept Art and Info About Its Reimagining

Concept art for the reimagined Spaceship Earth attraction at EPCOT, courtesy of Disney.

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    Sse cms have been told it will be till the 50th unless they can open sooner! I am friends w sse management! Which honestly after finally getting a rehab in 10 yrs sounds about justified beyond the changes.

  2. Suzy Ince

    I hope they fix the roughness of the ride. Rode it last year and was surprised how uncomfortable it was. It jerked and bumped all the way through. It’s ashame because it was interesting.

  3. Melanie Durham

    It’s time for a new refurbished ride! Don’t get me wrong, I love Spaceship Earth, it’s nice,relaxing and informative! But it’s time!

  4. Matt Brewster

    The reference to “light”(which has NOTHING to do with communication prior to the present) and the art you showed, tells me that texture map projections will replace most of the ride’s Audio-Animatronic cast. If I’m right, expect a firestorm of complaints about Mgmt. ruining yet another Future World attraction once it reopens.

    1. Harley

      It was ruined when they brought the stupid touch screen ending instead of tomorrows child! Things could only get better! What are you talking about epcot is returning but also evolving its the perfect mixture and i bet sse will be! And if not its not like park people havent rioted before… save horizons petition adds new #s on it daily!

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