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Soarin' Around The World

Credit: Disney


  1. Marianne Blatt

    YES! PLEASE Our family favorite!

    1. Steve Cohen

      Bring back Soarin’ Over California! At all the Parks!!!. No contest this was the best version, and in my opinion the best overall attraction at Disney. Especially after it was visually refreshed in 4k in its final year!! The Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack along with the magnificent scenery transforms peoples moods from tired, hungry, cranky Park goers, to uplifted and happy in the Short time it takes to lift off over the Golden Gate Bridge to the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom. The original Soarin’ was not just iconic, it was transcendent. In that regard. The newer version, while seemingly the “right” idea from a content standpoint (especially in the parks around the world) falls flat because it feels so artificial throughout. The original sprinkled in just the right amount of CGI (balloons, Hang Glider, golf ball, and Tinker Bell) to enhance the films aerial shots, as opposed to force feeding us whales, elephant herds, airplanes, and what seemed to be an artificial flyover of the Taj Mahal. The old cliche came to
      Mind when the change was made, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. In the case of California Adventure, Soarin should be restored to its home and original roots. I understand Disney has to continue to keep trying to stay ahead of the curve in terms of keeping the attractions relevant, and utilize the most up to date technology to help do so, but if we’re sticking with clasic rides like Peter Pan, It’s a Small World, and Haunted Mansion because they are “classics” then Soarin’ Over California should be restored permanently as it “ascended” to classic status and will always be able to remain relevant Because the ride system itself provides park goers with a physical sensation and flying ride experience that will never be duplicated by any other type of ride system. The difference between The two Soarin’s is that the original uplifted you both physically and emotionally, whereby the newer version falls far short of the emotional mark. The newer one is not bad, but in this persons experience, I simply do not connect with it in the same way. As a result, I have felt a real sense of loss that my personal favorite attraction was “re-made”. And like with most feature films that have been re-made, the re-make is never as good as the original

  2. Susie Ferruzza

    I so prefer the original. If Disney is so insistent in shoving Soarin’ Around the World down our throats, they should give you a choice of which version you want. I ALWAYS went on the original, but after doing the new one, I’ll skip it.

  3. Toni

    I went on the one at Epcot and it was amazing .When I returned home from vacation that was the most talked about.

  4. Claudia MIller

    Please bring back Soarin’ over California, so much better than the current one. The smells and scenery are superior and it’s just more fun. I would be curious to see the results if Disney surveys guests on which one they prefer

  5. Edward McGowan

    Why can’t they run both of them randomly?

  6. Harley

    I spoke w someone at dl guest relations bc we are visiting first time in summer and for hattie and hm due to my kid i wanted to make sure we didnt miss hm bc of the holidays down time… they mentioned indy might still be down and the other going down for yr is soarin! Which i thought was obvious for me to believe and the cm on phone as well said “its probably bc our ride is going back to normal as promised over the world was a borrowed template and never supose to be permanent!” I do not know about us at wdw (though i agree we have enough terminals now one could be cali as op but i think cms at that spot have too much to worry about watching lines then which version you want!) but i stand behind cali to get there ride back!

    1. Randy

      Please bring back the old Soarin over California. Soarin around the World we’ll without mixing words Sucks. We as a family would go on The original Soarin over and over again at Epcot. With Soarin around the world we are one and done. We go to Disney World every year and sometimes twice a year and Soarin over California was our favorite ride.

  7. Tricia

    Yes, PLEASE bring back California version. Or at least alternate so we have a choice. I’m betting most folks would vote for the Cali version

  8. Mark

    I only think soarin around the world only works at epcot that has world showcase out its door vs dl doesnt have that! I never understood what was the point to changing it in the first place…

  9. Mary L. Mead

    Please BRING back Soarin California~! It was TWICE as good as the new Soarin!! After standing in line not knowing the presentation had been changed, we vowed NEVER to waste our time on the new film. Seemed to be more an advertisement than showing OUR U.S.A. sights and smells and adventures.

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