Comments for STUNNING: It Snowed At Disneyland Paris And We Can’t Get Enough Of These Pictures!


Credit: @dodisneyy via twitter


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    Beautiful..youre lucky to experience all the snow…

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    This website is practically unusable

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    These pictures are old

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    My dad and I were at Disneyland Paris in December of 2017 when it snowed. It was beyond magical! Be prepared to freeze your keester off, buy a pair of cute Minnie Mouse mittens, indulge in some REAL hot chocolate and warm croissants, and get your picture taken with Santa Goofy and Olaf! All of the rides we wanted to go on were operational in both parks, and the parade ran as usual. It was surreal seeing snow on Thunder Mountain and the Haunted Mansion!

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    It didnt snow recently in paris ??? Where are your sources lately itm??

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