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LIghtning Mc Queen and Mater Disney meet and greet

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  1. Thomas

    I think really focusing and expanding the Pixar element at Hollywood Studios can only be a good thing. Magic Kingdom is very classic animation studio canon centric, and while I haven’t been since Toy Story Land opened, the area dedicated to Pixar was very limited I felt. Maybe because of my age the Disney Jr bits aren’t aimed at me and so I didn’t spend much time around it, except in the Little Mermaid show – but even that, the ride in Magic Kingdom is more than enough. To open it up to be a dedicated Pixar park would only be a good thing – so long as they keep the twilight zone tower of terror and the aerosmith rock’n’rollercoaster – purely because they’re awesome!

  2. Alex

    Please leave Cars Land in DCA, we already have Test Track. I would like to see a Monsters Inc. Land or WALL E land instead. That would be great.

    1. Harley

      I agree besides cars isnt even a popular movie i rather see them expand into other things! Or why pixar why cant we just grab something different that disney hasnt tried yet… its called hollywood studios after all!

  3. Matt Brewster

    Diz should stop contaminating its WDW parks with Pixar IP. Instead, it should establish a Pixar Park just for them. Each film could have it’s own section. The complex certainly has room for it. For instance, just west of the Studios, across World Drive from the Studios.

    1. Mark

      Thats an idea!

    2. Austin

      And they could have a Hogwarts Express like train, linking the two parks.

  4. Sarah

    What are the rumours regarding Animal Kingdom? Thanks in advance. ?

  5. Laura

    stop trying to shove carsland into wdw. disneyland/dca is allowed to have something unique to itself, and it encourages people to visit both coasts. besides, the people at wdw would ruin it. carsland is spot on in california, toystory land in florida was a big letdown overall in terms of being rushed and having an incomplete feel. the rides themselves are fine and fun, but the severe lack of built-in shade and lack of care taken with elements of the land is striking and disappointing (tons of places where paint and overlay is already peeling and breaking). i wouldn’t have a lot of confidence for a carsland there to be any different. now, i don’t disagree the incredibles area definitely has a temporary feel to it, and it’s time to move on from launch bay. i’m not against some cohesion, but let’s make sure it’s high quality and not rushed.

  6. Melanie Durham

    I’m all for it! Bring cars land! Bring Pixar! And by the way HARLEY, cars IS a popular movie! I don’t know what world you’re living in!
    But I hope that Disney(not Diz) does look at these rumors and take them into consideration!

    1. Harley

      You might be the only one whom likes it carsland has no lines and the lighting mcqueen thing is shut at dhs! I am just saying there is more than pixar! You can like cars thats fine but i am a park person and i am tired of pixar taking over disney doesnt even own the company anymore!

      1. Jackie

        How about brave? Harley sadly is right the demo for cars is dead but its ok to still like it your in a minority disney doesnt make money on minority! Or us park people would sadly still have our rides at epcot and gmr wouldnt be a crude stupid excuse of mickey mouse that btw i read was being pulled from the air!

      2. Disney

        Disney DOES own Pixar. Bring on Carsland. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to go!

  7. Jackie

    Actually pixar separated again they only distrub the movies like before! It happen when lasseter got fired! Plus carsland is exclusive to dca and where would they put it studios has no room for it!

    1. Jeannell Williams

      From what I’ve gathered Disney still owns Pixar. I’ve read nothing of them no longer owning it. The only thing they don’t own is the rights to some of the folks Spielberg was making through Pixar. Where did you get they no longer own it??????? The purchase wasn’t based on lasseters employment. Considering why he left I don’t think Pixar would be removed.

  8. You know what would be even better than a “WALL-E”-themed attraction? Disney Parks actually letting an animatronic of the robot himself running around WITHOUT heavy weight concerns and constant breakdowns! (Sadly though, that’s how it went extinct…)

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