Comments for Miss River Country? Experience Its Last Remnant at Walt Disney World


  1. Harley

    Another thing alot of guests dont know is before dvc decided on reflections they were thinking of using the property for a dvc only water park but the damage was too great!

  2. Darth Historian

    Ok, so here’s my story: around 2003ish or 04, on a completely quiet and slow afternoon, I got into River Country.

    I didn’t do anything amazing. No secret break-in at all. –The main gate by the water tower was wide open. Seriously. Just walked right in.

    Won’t exaggerate and say we walked on waterslides and stuff. Those parts were completely sealed with a big green or brown fence all around. I could jump up and down and look into the slide area. It was pretty messed up and mossy green.

    The old bathrooms and employee areas were still accessible, although most doors were locked. The office rooms looked like abandoned storage for old patio furniture and a complete mess like they put stuff in, walked away and never looked back.

    The highlight was a barrel bridge in the middle of nowhere that you could walk partway across before it too was blocked by a fence.

    The whole place was super quiet. I kinda knew we shouldn’t be there. But with the gate open, I was like, why not? Didn’t do anything stupid. Stayed on old paths. Took pics by a couple of old props. Nobody ever asked us to leave. Maybe walked around for 1/2 hour at most.

    End of story. A firsthand account of post-River Country for ya!

  3. SantaC1

    The pool was the best and most fun. You could dive of of the rocks on one side and slide down the waterfall on the other side. It was deep enough to enjoy the drop and swim underwater to the side.

  4. Ron

    My wife and I met while working part time at River Country in 1977, so it will always have a place in our hearts.

  5. Ed

    Camping at Ft Wilderness was pretty much an annual event for us from the late 70’s thru the late 90″s. River Country was our own little swimin’ hole. Just thinking of it brings a tear to my eye and smile to my face!

  6. Matt Brewster

    You incorrectly stated that Typhoon Lagoon opened in 1985. It was actually 1989. Also, you failed to mention that RC was the world’s first water park! (Wet ‘N Wild tried to take this credit, but it opened in 1977, a year after RC).

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