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  1. Robert Fowler

    We, like you, took our daughter to her first park at 3 years old. We went to Disneyland instead. Lily, our daughter learned much of the same lessons that your son did. She became more bold, and communicated much better than she did at home. She was also brave enough to ride some rides that I did not think that she would. Some, we were not able to ride due to her height. We had a stroller and it was great that we did. She napped in it when we would eat, and that allowed her to recharge and become less grumpy. I do wish that her first trip had been to Disney World instead of Disneyland as I feel that there is more for smaller children to do at WDW.

  2. Harley

    I am glad he enjoyed his trip there is always something to learn at WDW and many forget about that! Thats honestly what epcot and dak are built on! Just wait till he grows my kid wants to become someone whom works for wdi at 11 he knows that bc of all hes learned!

  3. Donna

    Beautiful article. Disney is for the old and the young.

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