Comments for Disney adjusts park hours at Walt Disney World as attendance grows

White Rabbit

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  1. Tim

    Try lowering The Admission Price….Its getting so expensive to go to this park…

    1. WF

      They should keep it as it is or higher.

      Then save your money for a 1-2 years.

      1. Victoria

        I agree, prices should be double. The parks are too crowded.

    2. Faithful Friend

      I agree!

    3. Cheaper rates

      Yeah make is cheaper

    4. N

      Go to universal

      1. Mark

        Universal is just as bad and even the universal fans think the parks suck please just get off itm which is a place for disney fans!

        1. No names

          We can’t be fans cuz they make it too expensive

  2. yu mah

    I think the price should be 10 times higher so I’ll never go again.

    1. PizzaAN


    2. Orange

      10 X LOWER SO I GO

  3. You

    They are pricing themselfs out of business. We aint been in years and never took the kiddos. Lower the price so every1 can go.

    1. Kip

      Same for us we can’t go no more too it’s too much

    2. QUEEN

      They be sorry soon when there parks be empty. What’s they at then.

      1. Kristina

        Lol…you REALLY think because some people can’t go that its going to affect Disney? Btw….you CAN go. My neighbor complains CONSTANTLY that “she can’t afford to go to Disney”..but she has NO JOB, is on welfare, and has made a career of State aid, so yeah, she ISN’T going, and in NO WAY is that Disney’s fault. I work everyday, I pay my bills, and I still manage to go with my kids for at least a week or 2…and this June will be 3 weeks. Disney is raising prices WITH the economy. They are no different from any other business and its absurd to think that they are going to “fail” because you can’t go. I assure you that they are much smarter than you or I about THEIR business.

    3. HankReardon

      Then how is attendance up?

      They need to raise the prices, the parks are too crowded.

      They have been pricing themselves out of business since the 80s. A claim that has been incorrect 30 years running!

      1. QUEEN

        They be going out of business soon. It be too much.
        Attendance ain’t up they keepin the parks open later to attract more ppl and get more clients!

        1. MK fan for life

          Queen – next time, educateyourself before giving your opinion on a topic that you clearly no nothing about.

        2. Kristina

          You crack me up! First, speak the English language properly, it makes you seem unintelligent. Second, Disney isn’t run by fools, and I can tell by your comment that you are in no way a College graduate, so maybe leave “your views” to yourself. Disney is a BILLION dollar company, and if EVERY SINGLE PARK SHUT DOWN TODAY, they STILL would be fine. Just because you can’t go, doesn’t give you the right to spit venom at Disney.

    4. Kristina

      Im a single Mother and I live in New England, and I go at least 2 or 3 times a year. It IS accessible to EVERYONE, you just have to know how to do it….buying an Annual Pass that saves 40% at the resorts and 20% on merchandise and food. Go in the Fall when they offer free dining. Its knowing HOW to go to Disney. Obviously the parks are more crowded than ever, so money ISN’T an issue.

  4. Shyla jones

    I luv disney but can’t afford to go. Tickets are over $100 for 1 night. That’s 2 months of food money for me.


  5. Disney

    Disney is too expensive.
    They only care about the money. They no longer care about your experience and making the magic. If Walt was alive tickets and hotels wouldn’t be this expensive. $6 bucks for a bottle of pop and $30 cheeseburger and fries.

    1. Eric

      Supply and demand basic economics.

    2. Kristina

      That’s NOT TRUE! Disney gives millions of dollars to charities, gives sick kids and underprivileged kids free vacations! Disney is always the first to donate money to disasters and the Cast members volunteer their time! Your ignorant and uneducated. Next time you spew your venom, have a BRAIN and KNOW what you are saying! Your repulsive to say such nasty stuff about an organization that does so much for people! It shows your ignorance. Shame on you.

  6. Kim

    If they keep raising prices they will price themselves out of business. Disney has a lot of competition, sea world, universal, International drive, lots of other parks have animals and rides are opening up everywhere. If they know someone what good for them they will stop increasing and offer better deals.

    1. Jackie

      Yes but all those parks suck the life out of you and money elsewhere! Besides if your going w your family your not going to roller coaster haven! Thats why wdw will always catte besides no matter how much you complain about pricing… you want new and better thinking those other parks will give me too but at what cost to you??? If you think dummy college kid at busch etc is going to care about you and your safety god forbid good luck w that! And then good luck complaining the ride is down bc it wasnt maintained at all vs at wdw rides down but you know its going to come back 100 bc someone looked at it and they ran the ride to make sure!

    2. I love the later hours. It’s my favorite time in the parks.

      I agree since Iger took over it’s not quite the same….repairs are needed in the parks….Also, alot of special events have been eliminated.

      The cost of children could be lowered making it easier for families to afford.

  7. Beth

    I’m happy they’ll be staying open later at Hollywood Studios, so more boarding groups can get on Rise of the Resistance. What I don’t understand is why you say that of course Magic Hours will be in the evening because they’ve been opening earlier.. ty

  8. Micki

    My husband and I went last year. I will never spend the money to go back and visit a construction site. I have never seen the parks in such horrible condition. Ever since Iger took over it’s just gotten worse. Also, Walt Disney did not plan on having gondolas. He planed to have monorails connect you to every part of the park. If you have time look up the original blueprints, you’ll be shocked!

    1. Beth 2

      Walt is DEAD
      Things change
      Deal with it
      Clad you’re morning going to my park anymore. WE don’t like haters. Negative people. You probably can’t afford to go and are making excuses.

      1. Janet Winslow

        Walt Disney World will never be empty no matter how high the prices increase. There are a lot of people going less frequently but still budgeting to go. Some people have funds to go every year no matter what the cost is. I don’t mind the ticket increases because I feel the attractions they are adding are well worth the admission price. My complaint is the constant increases in table service meals and character dining. Food has not been changed or improved and they continue to raise the cost of dining.

      2. Thatgrip

        Wow, what a complete douche you must be. No Walt, no Disney World/Land. In case you didn’t know it, Walt stated publicly and repeatedly that he made DL for ALL families to have the chance to enjoy some of the Disney magic and spend time in the imagineers’ playground. “WE don’t like haters…you probably can’t afford to go…”. You’re a POS and definitely a hater.

        1. Kevin

          Walt was also a business man. If they lowered prices parks would be even worse. You should really take a basic economics class instead of making stupid statements.

    2. Kristina

      Walt gave control over to his Nephew. Walt himself said “keep moving forward with progress”. He also died prior to WDW being built. Disney has only had Iger since 2005. What changes are you so upset about? The Skyway? Funny if it is because Walt first had a Skyway at WDW plus the Monorail. I know everything about Disney, and your wrong. He himself wanted WDW to KEEP MOVING FORWARD…its his famous saying. Don’t you know that?

  9. S. Sullivan

    I would like to see extra magic hours at EPCOT. Years ago the park was open until 2AM and it was amazing.

  10. Jackie

    This article is probably not even real they just do this on a rare occasion to let flames in sue on itm! They need article writers that care and if i wanted to see people rant then get disney info i go to a forum actually they are nicer there! I might dislike universal but even they like disney more than universal or the parks equal you all are crazy and itm feeds you!

    1. Mark

      Here here jackie!

  11. Jeff

    I wouldn’t like to see Disney double their ticket prices. Parks are over crowded.

  12. Kristina

    Half of you are complaining about the price increases. So is Disney supposed to be the only company on Earth that doesn’t raise prices with the economy? Gas goes up, food goes up, housing goes up, clothes, shoes, cars, etc…..its not logical. Its business. Don’t hate on the people that can go and afford it. We work hard and choose to spend our money there on vacation. Its not a requirement in life to go to Disney. If you hate it so much than how did you end up on this Disney Fan site?????

  13. gina augenstein

    I think extra hours at WDW is a great idea. I wish the prices were a little lower.

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