Comments for Disney-Pixar’s “Onward” Will Feature the First Openly LGBTQ Character

onward features first openly LGBTQ

Officer Specter / Credit: Disney


  1. Matt

    Awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing the character on screen. Congrats to Disney and Pixar for increased visibility. Now people who are lgbt can finally have one of those disney couples shirts!!!!

    1. 04f

      I only found this out when I checked to see what losers were up in arms over the movie’s rpg-inspired setting. And when I saw the headline, I first thought a lot of people had wildly misinterpreted the two lead characters’ relationship.

  2. Claire P

    No thanks, Disney! Will never let my children watch another Pixar film. Trash!
    Officer Sphincter is more like it.

    1. Jasmine

      I am a Christian, and I have done a lot of research on what the Bible says about homosexuality. I believe that the act of homosexual sex is a sin, but I do not believe it’s a sin to be gay. I’m not going to take my child to see this movie because I want her to be introduced to this topic by her parents when she’s ready and not by a movie. HOWEVER, so many of these comments are so hateful. Christians, please state what you believe in a LOVING way. Let’s remember that the human being who has same-sex attraction is a HUMAN BEING. They aren’t trash. They don’t have a mental disorder. There is room for them in God’s family! God made them and loves them just like He made me and loves me. Let’s also please remember that the sin God condemns in the Bible over and over and over is greed and overindulgence, holding onto our money too tightly and not taking care of those in need all around us. Almost every single Christian in the United States is in danger of committing this sin, including probably every single Christian commenter on here! So let’s keep that in mind before we start condemning our fellow human beings who are same-sex attracted. You can be bothered that Disney/Pixar is putting a lesbian character in this movie, but don’t spew hate over this. The world is watching, and this is a poor representation of Christ’s love. I’m bummed because I wanted to take my daughter to see it and now I’ve decided not to because of this. But I am not owed a disney movie that aligns with my beliefs. Do I wish that Disney would leave this stuff out? Yes! But I don’t think they owe me that. And it’s still my responsibility as a Christian parent to look into what I allow my child to be exposed to. It’s also my responsibility as a Christian to not dump hate all over the world.

      1. Raxle

        You’re quite obviously NOT a Christian then, Jasmine. Do you also think it’s only a sin to commit rape but not to be a rapist? Or that it’s a sin to commit pedophilia, but not to be a pedophile? You clearly lack discernment/judgment on precisely what it means to be “gay.” Nobody is born gay. Jesus made it clear that thoughts were just as condemning as the actions. You’re another individual not believing the Word of God and not thinking about things, let alone thinking about them deeply. Homosexuality begins with the thoughts. Their minds are frequently bombarded by thoughts and/or temptations of homosexual acts, just like someone being bombarded by adulterous thoughts and/or temptations. Rather than dismiss and fight these thoughts, because they occur so frequently, they choose to believe that these thoughts/temptations must mean that that is who and what they are, which is false. If everyone gave in to the various thoughts/temptations that run through their mind, people would be committing the most atrocious things ever. Thoughts/temptations DO NOT determine who/what you are. God created man and woman and gave them the mandate to be fruitful and multiply. Gays cannot fulfill this mandate. I suggest you study the Bible more closely and pay attention to the whole. Notice Paul saying “such WERE some of you”? When people encounter the living God, they are permanently changed forever. There is no such thing as a “gay Christian.” It’s an oxymoron and a contradiction in terms. Not to mention they’re putting emphasis on sin and trying to find “identity” in sin rather than in Christ. Are there “rapist Christians” or “murderer Christians”? You’re also wrong on the sin God condemns the most in Scripture. That would be hypocrisy, of which you are a great example.

        1. B*t&h

          @Raxle Jesus also told people not to judge. Which you clearly are doing ??‍♀️

      2. Katia L Gundersen

        Hello Jasmine,
        I concur on every level.
        Thank you, I too would like my children to be introduced to this subject when they (and I) feel they are ready-just as in any other subject…

      3. Rosemarie

        Will not be taking grand kids to this movie. I hope that Disney is not trying to normalize this life style choice. We are Big Disney fans and frequent the parks but that would change if this continues. We need to show love and respect to all people but not push the agenda to make this a normal lifestyle choice.

    2. Claire A Province

      Lol it’s not a lifestyle. Let people love who they want to and using your religion as an excuse to be hateful to people. Hope you open your eyes one day to see not everyone is like you and deserves the same rights/respect/treatment ❤?????

  3. Arthur

    No thanks. Sorry of the gay agenda poisoning my grandchildren.

    1. Karin Marrero

      Sorry Disney, bad idea. What were u thinking. Keep ur poison 2 urself & away from my granddaughters

    2. Rosa

      Imagine being this god damn stupid. Gay people exist and always will. Hell even they might be gay but of course never tell because of rhetoric like yours. While we’re at it lets take straight stuff out cause it’s Hetero agenda ?idiot

      1. Any person that thinks exposure of children to adult choices of sexual practice which is all the LGBT agenda is in fact and practice a form of child abuse and indoctrinate a mind and body that is not fully mature or eben thinking of such perversion of a natural function which is to have children to forward the human race.
        LGBT is simply a choice of how to be sexual and nothing more and it is not a right or even good for yourself and they should know better but choose to ignore their own good judgment.

        1. star

          LGBTQA+ isn’t all about sex. It’s about loving those you love, and it’s not a choice. Straight is also a sexuality. So basically what you’re saying is that if LGBTQA+ is all about sex, then heterosexuality must be too. (Hetero is not a part of the LGBTQA+ community though). And the way you talk about teaching childen about LGBTQA+, is so wrong in every way. We should teach children that it is okay to love anybody, and okay to identify as any gender/sex.

          And again, LGBTQA+ IS NOT ALL ABOUT SEX.

          1. Raxle

            LGBTH2LC6EIS-A4+HN*DKY IS all about sex and it IS a choice. It IS NOT about “love.” It’s about lust, confused and mistaken for “love.” Your same ridiculous ignorant argument is being used by other perverts. “It’s okay for me to ‘love’ children even though I’m a grown up.” “It’s okay for me to ‘love’ my dog or horse or goat. It’s not hurting anyone so why can’t I love them?”
            We should NOT teach our children that perversion is okay and lusting after people of the same sex, or after children or animals, is okay. It IS NOT “love.” You wouldn’t know love if is slapped you upside the back of the head.


      2. Raxle

        Imagine being as stupid as you, Rosa. No sense and intelligence.

      3. ACE

        Imagine being this rude and hateful. While you call others stupid, your own ignorance shows. ”Hetero agenda”?? No one can be this dense. Unless you’re some test tube or turkey baster baby, surely you, too, Roxy, are a product of hetero sex. Get over yourself.

  4. Dowens

    No thanks! Very disappointing. This doesn’t belong in movies geared towards children.

    1. Chris

      Reality doesn’t belong in movies geared towards children?
      They should take out all the hetero stuff too then.

      1. Eric Pomeroy

        Wtf constitutes a reality that children need to be exposed to in an animated movie about trolls? Should we have pedophiles in the movie too? They are real. How about cannibalism? Hey, it happens. Maybe have a scene with a prostitute. Reality! It is a nonsense argument to defend obvious propaganda to brainwash kids into accepting an obvious mental disorder as normal human behavior.

        1. D

          I totally agree.
          God’s law and mans desires are always at odds, and God and the bible never change.

          I have my rights to not be exposed or have sin shoved down my throat me and my families throat.

          Once a sin always a sin. Just because someone said it’s ok and no one objects does not make it right in the eyes of God and suddenly change that it from a sin to okay.

          Walt was such a wonderful christian family m,and and would have been soo upset even at the suggestion.

    2. Robin

      No it def. doesn’t belong in a child’s movie. It’s so sad. I don’t need to explain to my little girl about this. I am not going to push this movie on my kid to see. It’s inappropriate and it’s inappropriate for a child to watch. Like I said, it’s a children’s movie. Keep your personal feelings to yourself and not try and put ideas in kides heads.

      1. Jazz

        I will not be letting my kids watch this movie. As much as entertainment is trying to shove homosexuality down our throats, I am not okay condoning sin. We need to remember to hate the sin and not the sinner, but definitely stand up for our principles. It’s a really sad time.

  5. EricJ

    “First”, huh?
    Oh, so, then, it WASN’T the baby-stroller couple from “Finding Nemo” (who looked like a mom-and-daughter anyway), or Judy’s loud apartment neighbors from “Zootopia”?
    (If I see two male roommates with the same last name, and hear conversations that all end in “Shut up!..No, YOU shut up!”, is it wrong of me to think “Brothers”?)

  6. A Baxley

    No thanks! Not letting my kids watch this movie. These are adult issues, kids do not need to be exposed to this! Very Disappointed.

    1. Angie

      Not watching either, or AT LEAST cut out this character’s scenes.

      1. Hannah

        Terrible idea way to go Disney wow can’t even watch one movie

  7. greg

    I wasn’t really interested in seeing this before this news. Now I am definitely not going to see it. Animated children / family films are not the place to push worldviews. You never see religion, and especially Christianity pushed in these movies. I think because they know it’s divisive and will drive some people away. But when it is an issue the creators can get behind, then they don’t care. How much longer before there are Disney princesses who decide they don’t want their baby, and decide to have an abortion. That way, all the little girls watching will be indoctrinated to see that if a Disney princess can have an abortion, then I should too!

    1. Tammy Orr

      My feelings EXACTLY!! Well stated!!!

    2. Your Mom

      How far Disney has fallen. Shameful. Take me back to SnowWhite and the Seven Dwarfs. That was Walt Disney. Now we have political filth like this being put in kids movies. Most people are not gay!! It’s not a natural choice.

  8. Tammy Orr

    Not needed and not wanted. Not the venue for it.

  9. Faithful Friend

    This kind of representation does not belong in a movie aimed at children. It’s a shame that Disney does not have the same passion to promote other groups of people like this. They are totally biased.

    Funny enough, Disney will probably edit her part out when it plays in other countries that are against the lgbt group.

    1. Lori

      But straight relationships are perfectly ok to be portrayed in Disney films?

      1. Yes straight is a LGBT word used to promote an agenda. A man and a woman in marriage is the only productive and wholesome way to raise a family in GOD’S view. Sorry if you feel differently but in love I have to tell you it is your free will choice to love darkness rather than light

    2. Arosary

      So it is okay to beat your wife, kill your kids (beat/starve, etc) have multiple children with different men, kill someone, go to jail and it is okay if you are straight? That is normal for some. If you don’t want to see the movie don’t. What is the purpose of the petition anyway. It is a waste of time

      1. Rebecca

        Oh, are they showing domestic violence, then? Goody, because my gay sister got beat up by her lover. A ton of domestic issues happens between gay couples, more than straight couples.

  10. Jill

    I’m not much into animated films but after reading the sad homophobic comments on here I will definitely go and see it…simply to support a film that portrays normal life to children. These issues are not adult issues. Many children know at a young age that they are more interested in the same gender or maybe their parents are queer. Perhaps they would like to see themselves in a film too?

    1. All the aforementioned things in your comment are most definitely not ok. But your choice of sexual practices is not a child’s need to be exposed to until they are a mature adult. Please let me make my choice to teach my children the best GOD giving way to live in love and peace. Sexual or is not a constitutional right it is a choice.

  11. Matt

    Wow disappointed in the amount of hateful messages. So it’s ok exposing children to hundreds of stories of straight people getting together but there is one side character who is gay and everyone flips out… ok but next time you enjoy going to the disney parks, ride the rides, enjoy the parades, watch a disney movie or tv show realize that gay people help create and maintain the things you enjoy, and that you are a hypocrite.

    And since you lie and claim you will never go to a Pixar movie again, ya right, but glad I won’t have to sit next to your hatefilled stinky bodies in the theater

    1. D

      actually for your information all the stuff that us straight people do is because straight is the only normal straight is how it’s supposed to be and how it was done in the beginning. And as far as the gays putting on everything that we enjoyed I don’t enjoy parades I don’t enjoy theme parks I don’t enjoy Disney because all of that is stupid and full of useless nonsense crap

      1. Matt


      2. Chelle

        Perhaps Disney wants to promote tolerance and not hate which seems to be what many of the so called “Christians” seem to promote.

  12. Mark

    Most pixar movies are geared lately towards adult audiences not children they are just colorful that kids watch em! Even my 4 yr old was like what is this movie even about daddy i am not about to explain it!
    Its not like a disney movie where there are adult things that go over kids heads .. and that brings up my pt you all argue this shouldnt be in a movie but this is a side character this isnt give elsa a gf! Besides as a gay man raising a daughter she sees who i am but shes also 4 and i am not fodcing my life on hers! We have to be open and raise our kids to be the right kind of people full of love and hope not hate and hypocrisy! Theres alot of worse things out there then being gay!

  13. g

    their were LGBTQ characters in the most recent star-wars movie.

  14. Amanda

    But she isn’t the first openly gay Disney animated character. There was the lesbian couple in Finding Dory and the lesbian couple in Toy Story 4 and there would have been Lexington in Disney’s Gargoyles but Disney got squeamish and only let him come out in the tie-in comics years later…

    1. L

      there was nothing in dory that said that was a couple. it could have been a mother/daughter, friends out with one of their kids, etc. reading way to much into it if you insist it was a couple.

  15. Monica

    I honestly love this, it will make same sex couples normal and easier to understand for kids and also for some kids who already know that they are gay or bi too feel more included or safe.

    1. A-A-Ron

      While Walt’s family went to church, the man himself was not religious. Walt was a man of his time but if he had lived to see our modern era, who knows what he would think? He certainly believed in equality and world peace as “it’s a small world” suggests. You don’t know what he would be thinking and neither does the rest of us. How dare you try to push your own hateful rhetoric onto someone who is no longer alive and able to defend themself? LGBTQ people make up a good portion of the staff at Disney. Like it or not, you’ve interested with them in the parks. Like Walt Disney, how about realizing we need to more foreward and embrace the future instead of staying glued to the past?

      1. Jackie

        Walt was a proud devote christian what are you on!? Thats why there are even books called gospel according to disney to see symbolism in the movies and what walt was trying to portray! Just bc you take different sides dont talk about your ass!

  16. Brian Green

    Let’s be clear here. Same sex anything is a mental disorder. I do not want hyper sexual deviants anywhere near my kids. Get it!? Putting in on the big screen does not normalize a dam# thing.

    1. Matt

      Lol, Brian , it sounds like people should keep their kids away from you!!! I don’t know what defunct facts you live your life off. Gay people don’t need to be normalized, because we are normal, we are creatives, we are contributors to society, and we are def not mentally deranged. Some people just like to fear and hate what they don’t understand. That’s why there is still so much racism, homophobia, and bullying still happening in the world.

  17. Bryan

    FYI “same sex anything” is NOT a mental disorder. I’m fact is was removed from the DSM-5. Why is everyone so angry or filled with hate…there’s a quote that comes to mind here, “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

    1. Jason Sargent

      Whoa whoa whoa–‘Christians’ only appreciate messages from the bible when they’re directing them towards others, not when other people use them to call out their hypocrisy. The amount of hate in these comments is sad. People act like this is what the film is going to be about, when it’s likely that (just like every other appearance of same-sex couples in their films so far) it will be so quick and subtle that kids won’t even notice.

      Also, I truly hope none of these hateful commenters end up with kids who are gay, as those kids are going to have a horrid life until they get out of the house.

  18. Agent 86

    It’s an incredibly tiny step forward, but I guess it’s something.

    It would have been far braver and more commendable for Pixar to make one of the main two brothers gay. Even better if they had given him a sweet boyfriend who appeared in at least some of the film (before the brothers set off on their adventure).

  19. Robert

    Will cancel my Disney Subscription when this comes out.

    1. Aoi

      Why wait? Cancel it now, unless your bigotry is just a smokescreen to make you feel better.

  20. I don’t know where you got this delusion from, and while I didn’t even bother reading the article before looking at these comments I would still assume that this is all nothing but a false rumor someone has started and the whole thing is also obviously another lie just to get attention “because diversity”. Why should anyone care about what gender a character is if it’s non-human, huh? For your information readers, this is both a lie and a rumor that someone completely made up. I’m not joking. There was never a lesbian couple in “Finding Dory” AND I also don’t like the way that one so-called Christian group decided to boycott “Toy Story 4” just because they thought there was one of those LGBT couples in there, too. Even if they actually were, my question is why are we making a big ordeal over background characters that shouldn’t even matter to us as an audience anyway?! Because they are not as important to the story yet you people act like that they are. To those of you who are still insisting on keeping your kids from watching movies like this because of it, let alone “Incredibles 2” because of the language (amongst other examples) please stop. Just because a Pixar film contains such things doesn’t mean you should boycott it to the point of not ever letting your kids watch it. By doing so you are missing out on some really great stories (of which even the tiniest details are not as important as many of you seem to think these days), and not only that but you are also further contributing to the unnecessary animation age ghetto stereotypes to which I respond: Animation is NOT JUST FOR KIDS! Of course there’s going to be some adult stuff here and there; it’s for the WHOLE FAMILY to enjoy! What part of “animated movies are made by adults” do you people just not seem to get?! HUH?!

  21. Alison

    How absolutely wonderful to share a reflection of our real life!!! My daughter and daughter-in-law are very traditional in their values, both were Villanova undergrads and Disney LOVERS, as are WE!!

  22. Disappointed

    ???What the hell people u all are fers for not supporting them ?u all should go to ? hell because this is not something to be afraid of ???forget u guys you should be ashamed ?and who cares if ur kids see it they won’t understand. From disappointed at u ? ?️‍?????‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍????‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍?‍??️‍??️‍??

    1. Raxle

      Would you support a rapist? a murderer? a child molester? Maybe you should go to hell for being afraid of them and not supporting them. After all, “they can’t help themselves; they were born that way.” Your anti-intellectual ignorance and intellectual dishonestly are exhausting. People like you with a lack of morality.

      1. Elisha

        There’s nothing wrong with liking the same gender. Rapists weren’t born that way, they made a decision. Same with a child molester and murderer. But LGBTQ+ people haven’t done anything wrong, especially not anything to hurt anybody. I’m so sorry that homophobic people are so unhappy with themselves, that they feel the need to criticize others for liking someone of the same gender. I’m not Christian, but God help *you*. There’s no need to be upset sweetie 🙂
        -Sincerely, A Bisexual Teen

  23. Nancy

    Just like they thought Lefou was gay but in reality he had an infatuation with Gaston. Come on ppl.

  24. Emma

    I appreciate that you mention bisexuality since it’s not specifically mentioned what kind of queer person she is. But I’m wondering if you would be wondering the same thing if the character was male instead. For some bizarre reason, people are more accepting of bisexual women than they are bisexual males which make no sense since there are just as many bi men as there are women.

  25. EmmaK.

    Kind of makes me wonder if the character was male instead if you’d be questioning whether “he” represents the gay or bisexual community. The reason I say that is because for some really bizarre reason, people are more accepting of the idea of bisexual women than they are bisexual men, which makes no sense since there are just as many bi men as there are women.

  26. Casen Ratliff

    The homophobic comments make no sense!! Do you know how many LGBTQ+ characters have been in Disney media? And it just now occurs to you!? Literally, it is not a mental disorder to love whoever you want! However, it is a mental disorder when you are such a failure that other people’s love lives affect you! Mind your own business and stop being so judgemental! And to those saying that it’s bad bc of God’s word, THE BIBLE ALSO SAYS NOT TO JUDGE!! So stop with this homophobic bullcrap and learn to appreciate the people in your lives bc you won’t have them forever! (By the way, I read the Onward novel, and I can’t wait to see the movie it is so good) Also, this character has a VERY small role in the movie, so why should it matter to you. If you don’t want to see the movie, that’s a personal problem, not something that the entire internet should know!

  27. an_average_man

    “this character has a VERY small role in the movie, so why should it matter to you.”
    Good question, but then why is it so important for the LGBTQ lobby to bring such ideas to young kids? Why is it so important to organize Pride in the middle of the cities? If they feel normal and equal to others why they are organizing gay parades? I never judged anybody based on their sexuality, skin color or religion, I always judge people based on their behavior and I don’t like the aggressive LGBTQ lobby. I am not in charge to decide if being gay is a mental disorder or not, but there must be a reason for having 2 sexes and it is also obvious that reproduction is only possible between a female and a man and both parents are needed to raise a kid. Have you ever seen a parade or party advertised as heterosexual? No.
    If homosexuals want to prove that they are an important and valued members of the community then they should stop differentiating themselves by organizing gay parades and rather take part in charity, support disabled, sick or elder people. All people who only fight for their own rights are selfish and don’t care about others just themselves.
    Homosexuals are still and will always be a minority (otherwise human race would disappear). Once they accept that they are different and they find peace in their souls, then they can start to live a happy life and become valued members of the community. This is certainly valid for heterosexuals or any minority.

  28. Robin

    I will never take my child to see this. I don’t need to teach my child about that crap. (I am deeply disappointed) Disney…….Are you deliberately trying to mess up these kides head.(To know what is normal) You were born a woman and you stay and look like a woman. You were born a male stay and look like a male. Keep your personal feelings away from our children. My child is very impressionable. I don’t need to confuse her and put that issue in her head.

    1. Matt

      Robin, gay people exist in every culture, every society across the world. Your child will have to encounter people who aren’t white and closed-minded like her parents. If she asks, just tell them to respect them like they would any other person. I just feel bad that your kid will have a lot to unpack later in life with all of the other hateful things you are likely teaching them. Hopefully the find good rolemodels elsewhere…

      1. an_average_man

        Matt, I don’t see any hate in Robin’s message. LGBTQ people are fighting for freedom and equal treatment and at the same time they try to limit free speech and free toughts?! This looks quite awkward. Robin has the right to raise his kids as he wants, how come you are telling him or anybody else how should he do it. In all languages distinguishing sexes there’s only male and female. Creation of languages date back to thousands of years so since thousands of years that is the norm… to have a male and female… there’s not third option or any option of not feeling neither of them.
        You says that gay people always existed which is true and everybody knew about it. Why do we have to bring this to schools and kindergartens? Similar to politics and many other topics let kids create their own view when they grow up.
        No one can say that LGBTQ is the normal, however I strongly believe that these people can still be valuable members of a community, but first they have to accept that they are different and stop showing their difference and provoke the community. I’ve met so many gay people in the past who lived a normal life and never wanted to show off and never felt they are more or less than anyone else in the community and the community fully accepted them. They never felt LGBTQ should be promoted in schools, kindergarten or on mass media.
        What will be the next??? Promoting child marriage, child labor or pedophilia?
        Shall blind people start to promote blindness and fight for rights to drive a car? In this liberal world everybody thinks they have rights, but everybody forgets about obligations. Today’s media pushes for individualism instead of community and they try to challenge normality.
        I fully agree on that no one should be punished based on race, religion, sex, skin color or sexual orientation, but in the developed countries there are laws do not make any difference between people based on above, everyone is equal, so what LGBTQ people are fighting for? There will always be people who will not accept them, that’s why we have laws and any violent behavior should be punished irrespective of who is doing that. At the same time let’s make sure that nobody has the right to tell other people what they can think or whom they have to love and whom they have to hate. There’s a fee will and people can decide whom they like, and whom they don’t like. Certainly I will not offend physically or verbally anybody whom I don’t like, but I have the right to think about other as I want and I expect other to respect this and to refrain from offending me or telling me how should I feel. Hate is coming also from LGBTQ people as they don’t accept any other opinion than their own and they hate all people who think differently than they do.
        As the Bible states: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

        1. Matt

          LOL, no hate in Robyn’s message??? Ok, well despite the homophobia and transphobia, sure, I am sure Robyn is a dream to hang out with.

          And you think that being gay is the same as pedophilia??? Umm, I think yall need to think about all the stuff you post online before you hit that send button.

          So of course the LGBT community isn’t the norm. But why continue to make us outcasts, or not show us positively in society. You want to keep us in the background. But there have always been others, and the others will always fight for more of a voice. Being a hateful person who hides behind the mask of religious conviction does not make one powerful.

    2. Paula

      Thank you, Robin! I will not take my kids to see this either. The LGBT agenda is being pushed through any channels possible and are directed specifically at our children. It is why we do not have cable, netflix or hulu anymore. Vote with your dollars!

  29. Marilyn Crossland

    Pathetic. Walt Disney would be appalled.

  30. Alex

    This is the worst thing ever ! STOP abusing with Child minds ! Let them grow normally !

  31. Jess

    You just ruined Disney for me. Why would you expose children to this? Corrupt and sexualize them while they are young right? You sicken me.

    1. Matt

      Ummmmm, so its cool having 16 year olds get married in disney movies… Thats not sexualizing them, but showing an adult who references their same sex partner in one scene does??? That dont make no sense, Jess

  32. Concerned

    I just wish that straight people could take a step back, and imagine what it would feel like if they were called disgusting and immoral, for being themselves. Kinda like a Twilight Zone episode. There will always be people different that what is considered the norm, but why automatically be mean and cruel to them. Imagine people online saying those things to you, or directed to your kid. And then if you are religious, how you are taught to be kind and respectful to others. Jesus definitely would not be an internet troll if he was here on earth today

    1. ACE

      Let’s stop cherry picking rhetoric. You know who have to deal with hateful comments every day? Let’s start with African Americans. Having to deal with REAL ignorance and REAL hate just for having dark skin. Gays have the option of hiding it. But some just want to be loud and proud but get upset because everybody doesn’t like them! Get over yourselves!

  33. Harley

    You know your all jumping down eachs others throats for a minor character!? Chill will ya! For a bunch of happy disney fans you hate a lot!

  34. Marie Olivo

    This is not a movie for kids its disgusting to each his own but this is not tolerance why should we give special treatment to them when nobody else gets special treatment they want tolerance yet heaven for bid any one disagree with them, they stomp on every one else’s rights to beliefs and opinions if they dont agree with them, now their their pushing their hideous agenda on kids come on the way it should be is to each his own with none of this crap

  35. O4f

    If Disney had said nothing, I would have no clue there was a gay character at all in this movie. The “big reveal” during the course of the plotline must have been a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, which I did.. I only found this out because I was checking to see what “Harry Potter teaches devil worship” holdouts out there were having conniption fits over the movie’s D&D-inspired setting.

  36. Marie

    My family won’t be seeing this movie. Disappointing Disney

  37. Cristina Dagostino

    We saw this movie and there was absolutely zero mention of anything LGBT… We saw the officer in one scene, it there was never at any point, anything mentioned or hinted at anyones sexuality. This whole article is ridiculous.

  38. Warren

    I would like 2 say , I’m done with Pixar for this obscene lewd movie. Go to the very last chapter of the Bible , every thing that’s evil will now be good and vise versa… and gee why are we in the pandemic we’re in right now ?humanity’s sins does not just fall on lbgt agenda … it’s our lustful ways of money , self love , indulgence . Me me me ….. we are experiencing the famine followed by world wide catastrophe earthquakes , fires etc. nation will rise against nation …. We are all sinners including Christians which I am … but now is the time to not pray for yourself pray for his second coming and pray for the forgiveness not for the individual . Pray for all of us sinners alike . Sin is sin = against god one sin is not valued any worse than another. I look in the mirror every day and I see the broken glass house I live in. Now choose to avoid the sin cut contact from it don’t look if it offends the lord.
    The Bible is not hate speech . It is our obligation to share the good word by not damming other people but to inform… the time is not nigh but these are all signs we are living in the last of days. There is so much more to come the mark of the beast hasn’t shown up or has it !!!!

  39. C R Anderson

    We went with our 8 year old grandson and we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Don’t let this movie stop it is a good movie of brother ship.

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