Comments for New “Frozen” Songs! Anna and Elsa Get a Brand New Duet!


Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    The issue is everyone whom is a broadway fan or frozen fan knows this song already bc its a new song from the tour unfortunately it gets rid of true love which is an amazing song thats so beautifully written and quite the addition anna needed! Even kristin bell loved true love and it inspired her song in frozen 2! For frozen broadway fans the new song isnt a great move! Though its ok its not like they replaced monster which is what the musical is known for! I hope the rumored new ending come in though.

    1. Mark

      I agree true love is like anna monster its needed and yet we got a duet that wasnt needed and is very weak!

      1. Jackie

        I look at it as the other annas they seen didnt have patti’s range! It is said bc i read above as harley did the article about kristin bell love for that song and why shes got her soaring # in frozen 2! Btw is the rumor about ending the show w into the unknown i heard about that and while its a great idea that would give elsa 5 huge songs! I am not a singer but just the thought of it makes me want to pass out!

  2. Harley

    Patti murin is having a baby its a girl wonder if she will name it anna!? But what a great exit interview ? Why are you moving on? To be a mom to my little princess! Congrats go to her!

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