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Walt Disney World

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  1. Darth Obvious

    I would have said the castle itself.

    Try to picture the park without it and who hasn’t take a picture of themselves in front of it at some point?

    Keep in mind, this article said attraction, not ride. So there ya go.

    1. Harley

      The castle isnt an attraction its an icon to a logo and lets everyone know where you are… its also a restaurant! I would have said Horizons and wdw knows the mistake there (plus theres alot of old wdi people that signed the horizons petition including marty skylar before he past that still runs its in the millions might reach billions and then disney doesnt want to consider all us vintage fans important but whatever) they made there bed so maybe bringing it up might break hearts or AEC bc we do not want to open that can of worms!
      If your talking now i would say the rides that never have fps available for! Its a good clue in to what is popular and buzz isnt that ride!

      1. Darth Obvious

        The castle is the biggest attraction at Disney parks!

        It may not be a modern-day type of attraction, but it is an attraction none-the-less. People go there EXPECTING to see the castle. They can close Soarin’ (which technically they did) or replace Buzz Light Year some day. They can get rid of Mr. Toad, but they are NEVER ever getting rid of the castle. It is the park’s central attraction.

        Yes, it is NOW an icon and logo, but think back, Disney didn’t have this icon to a logo before Walt built it. It is such an attraction, it became iconic and then a logo.

        Walt himself conceptualized the castle as the centerpiece of Disneyland. A lot of the rides from opening day are gone or changed, but the castle is still there.

        Think of the reaction if they said they were going to get rid of it. Huh, yeah, see where I’m going with this?

        Now if you want to talk rides, that’s another thing. And yeah, I agree, Horizons sure was awesome. All of Disney sucks since they closed it. Getting rid of Horizons ruined Star Wars. There. Everything bad about Disney, summarized.

  2. Mark

    I would say HM at mk, test track soarin and food and wine are tied at epcot, dhs is obvious at the moment and dak is a tie of everest dino and pandora! If we go beyond wdw its phantom manor i never been but its like you never stop hearing about it and wdi interviews i always see always compare things they do to phantom manor!

  3. Mark

    Buzz is no longer in HKDL. It has been replaced by an Atman attraction.

  4. Michael

    I’ve been to Disney World over 50 times along with Disneyland a few times, and I’ve been on every ride and seen every show more times than I can count. Avatar Flight of Passage is the best of them all. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is great, but IMHO flight of passage stands alone as the best.

  5. Greg Murray

    Buzz is only worth it if there is a 10-15 minute wait. Splash Mountain has something for everybody.

  6. Matt Brewster

    I am not quibbling with the content contained within this article. However, it badly needs a REWRITE, for it contains some pretty horrible grammatical mistakes!!!

    1. Melanie Durham

      I agree with the grammatical mistakes, but have you seen the comments and the grammatical mistakes???? OMG!

      1. Cindy

        It will always be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for me.

      2. Mark

        Yes and we all are only human and have lives so sorry spell check police sorry and get a life!

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