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mickey and minnie

Credit: Disney


  1. Matt Brewster

    You must be too young to remember one of the original attns that opened with the MK in 1971: The Mickey Mouse Revue, which featured a tuxedoed Mickey acting as Conductor, leading a group of nearly 90 AA classic Disney characters in many famous songs from the animated features released up until then. Sadly, the MMR was moved to TDL in 1981. Since Mickey will be turning 100 in just eight years it would be most welcome and appropriate to bring this wonderful show back to the park!!!

  2. Harley

    There is enough presence of the mouse at wdw it didnt need a ride esp not a ride no disney fan is happy w bc its not our mickey nor the mickey around the park its the mickey nightmares are made of! They also just pulled this version off the air and replaced it w the original cartoons maybe wdw should have thought better…

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