Comments for First Reactions: Mickey And Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway


  1. Mark

    Issue these are cms and they know not to insult the product or they could get in trouble so i do not know if i am going to really take there thoughts into consideration that being said i will ride it once go its not my mickey my daughters mickey long live gmr and move on!

    1. Harley

      It will never replace gmr no matter whom likes it! Gmr is dhs/mgm and will remain in the hearts of park people for a long time like horizons and cms as well… Btw i can tell from that you wrk gmr too… if i had to wager!

      1. Mark

        Manager in between my tenuer at ent! I got bored of stage and the hell ent was and went to gmr etc bc i still could act but do more and they rather i was a manager bc of my experience so i trained!

  2. Roger

    The phrase “damning with faint praise” comes to mind…

  3. Matt Brewster

    You cannot trust CM reviews because they would lose their jobs if they weren’t raves! I want to hear from actual paying guests. I anticipate them to be a gry pants, when they see that the beloved Fab Four have been turned into anime abominations!!!

    1. Harley

      Besides like mark and i said above the love for gmr is as much as the love for real mickey and minnie! Though i read somewhere this version of the cartoon was pulled due to complaints to disney and they started showing the old cartoons! My son mickey is plane crazy like mine so this ride will be a one and done for us and wouldnt be surprised it will be for many! Actually you can be critical as a cm you just have to tread it carefully like roger said above damming w faint praise! Or as i use to do open up my sarcastic mouth!

  4. Jackie

    Omg better than GMR whom paid that cm extra to say that!?

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