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Melissa McCarthy Ursula


  1. SCW

    I am slowly getting used to this as I’m more acquainted with Ms McCarthy as bubbly and funny…even when she plays tough. I was originally more picturing Kathy Bates in this role.

    1. Mmluv

      Kathy Bates would have been a great choice! I never even thought of her.

  2. Laura

    ursula can be played by 2 people, pat carroll, and queen latifah. latifah killed the role in the live version last year (actually she was the only bright spot).

    1. J

      Dude for real, that live performance reminded me why I didn’t like Ariel but LOVED Ursula.

      “But daddy I love him” gorl you’ve only seen this dude once in your entire life and majority of that time you were stalking him and you guys didn’t even talk

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