Comments for UPDATE: Teen Arrested After Three People Flee from Stolen Car Near Magic Kingdom

Manhunt near Disney World

Credit: Twitter via @dis1_me


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    So thats more important to the sheriffs dept then the school attacks that happen at my daughter school and others across fl??? Wow just wow!

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      Your logic is flawed.

      There isn’t normally a manhunt after a “school attack” because the assailant is likely already shot to death BY the sheriffs dept or they commit suicide.

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      Thats why many kids are homeschooled in fl!

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      Mark, if you post thoughtless comments, keep them to yourself. School attacks are random and rare. There’s no point of using the police for at a school that isn’t being attacked. These were 3 armed assailants. This requires serious manpower to apprehend for everyone’s safety at an immediate need.

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