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Atlantis the lost empire

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  1. Ashley

    Love this! Spot on, but would rate The Rescuers set in the swamp as better than Down Under…

  2. Thomas

    I’m the biggest critic of the live-action remakes, I think it shows a lack of ingenuity and creativity, and this is why they haven’t received many nominations at things like the Oscars, that being said, while I liked ‘Atlantis’ I did feel that it’d have worked better as a live-action movie, so that idea isn’t that bad and one I’d be down for. I think The Rescuers (either) would potentially look a bit tacky, ‘Treasure Planet’ wouldn’t be a totally bad idea either to be honest. But what would be better is going back to being creative and the leader in storytelling that they have been and can be again.


    For Atlantis: The Lost Empire in Live-Action, I wish there was the scene of the launch of the submarine with this music “Atlantis: The Lost Empire The Submarine” from 0:00 to 0:05, from 0:51 to 1:11 and from 2:15 to 3:17 included in the film, as well as the Leviathan attack with the same music “Atlantis The Lost Empire The Leviathan”.

    For the Treasure Planet, I wish there was a sequel, rather than a remake, which tells at the same time how John Silver lost his eye, his ear, his leg and his right arm, and also a story inspired by the video game Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon following the film and the action as similar to Star Wars VI Return of the jedi, Rogue one a star wars story and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 including a final battle between fleets of space ships made up of Captain Amelia’s fleet with those of John Silver’s allied pirates against the enemy fleet, pirates boarding the enemy ships, Silver confronting the main antagonist with his pistol and saber, the surprise arrival of the Silver fleet (like the arrival of the fleet rebel to Scarif from Rogue one a star wars story) hoisting all their different pirate flags (as in the scene “hoist the colors pirates of the caribbean speech” from Pirates of the Caribbean 3).

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