Comments for Johnny Depp Fans Petition For His “Pirates” Return After Leak Of Amber Heard Tape

Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Paul R Davis

    Oh HELL YES it would not be Pirates without Johnny Depp playing Capt. Jack Sparrow

    1. Debbie

      No CaptainJack! I for one will not see the new movie along with other Captain Jack fans!

  2. ABSOLUTELY!!! Can’t wait for another POC movie!!! But will not see it without THE ONE AND ONLY Captain Jack Sparrow!!! Johnny Depp MUST be in it, or it’s over…

  3. Johnny’s interpretation of Captain Jack was very unusual, so much so that Disney almost fired him early into production. Yet it was an enormous success. That being the case, no one can realistically do that character except Johnny. Anyone else’s attempt would be pathetic, to say the least. Let the master do it! Bring back Johnny!!!

  4. Rose York

    Bring Jack back!!!

  5. Candy

    There’s no way I would watch another POTC movie without Johnny Depp. He is Captain Jack Sparrow. You may replace him in screen but it will not be successful. No one has this man’s talent. Amber has proven time and again, she lied and was just trying to gain and ruin this man. I do not want Amber being in charge of anything having to do with abused women. She’s a bully and took advantage of what she could get. Set up from the beginning.

  6. There’s only ONE Captain Jack! Johnny Depp is the reason all of these movies are successful. You’re making a HUGE mistake if you replace him. I know we won’t watch it.

  7. Tyrone

    Something’s can’t be changed Jack Sparrow is one of them Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow the one and only

  8. Teresa

    There is no one that could ever replace the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow than Johnny Depp, I have every movie Pirates of the Caribbean NO ONE CAN REPLACE JOHNNY DEPP (CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW)

  9. L Jones

    Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow. PotC without Johnny Depp is like Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford!

  10. cheri isaac

    No Jacky, no watchy!

  11. Bring Johnny Depp back as captain jack…. none of us will be back to watch the movies if you don’t

  12. Dianna

    Bring back Jack!

  13. Sean

    I will not see a Pirates movie without Johnny Depp as Jack tbh

  14. Angella

    I was not really a Johnny Depp fan… until this movie. And the movies, quite frankly, were what they were only BECAUSE of Johnny Depp.

    While Disney may have felt morally obligated to not maintain a relationship with an accused wife beater, at this point it is looking as though that is not the case at all.

    Ya can’t do Cap’n Jack without Johnny. Anything else is a mere shadow.

  15. Ellexa

    Absolutely. No one else can be Captain Jack Sparrow the way Depp can, and its horrible that amber heard took that away from him when she was lying and abusing him. GIVE BACK JACK SPARROW

  16. Vickie Tubbs

    They better no try look at all the crappy shows they are creating. I’m tired of them trying new crap if it ain’t broken then it don’t need to be fixed. I certainly for won’t watch if Johnny Depp does not play captain Jack Sparrow. I know my parents won’t either. And that says A lot about a movie when the older generation likes it. Johnny Depp forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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