Comments for Boy Meets His Hero John Ratzenberger at Disneyland Thanks to Make-A-Wish

john ratzenberger make-a-wish

Credit: Disney


  1. Lisa Steward

    Hi I am Spencer’s Grandma and I just want to say thank you to John Ratzenberger and Disney for making my grandson and his entire family so happy! His dream has come true and he has met his hero at the one place he wanted to meet him at! I truly pray that God will bless everyone involved!

  2. Wow, that’s really all so awesome to hear! I remember the time when I met an animator named Michael Comet, and got a private tour of the actual Pixar studio because of it…back in 2012, of course.

    So which “Onward” and “Soul” characters will John Ratzenberger be voicing then, huh? (Come on–I need to know!)

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