Comments for Disney’s Hollywood Studios Extends 8AM Park Opening For Limited Time

Tower of Terror

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    Do you think once the early mornings extensions seize that is a sign the rise will be regular guests no longer just groups? Bc its unfair to many whom have lives and cant out to a boarding group before 7am and be banging down the gate! I get it if you are staying but i still have to drive in and get there! I know i am preaching but its been months relief is hopefully in sight! Esp now w another ride opening it might help the burden! I am just hoping!

    1. Harley

      I posted this in another spot mark i feel ya trying having guest assist and being told by multi guest relations people thats all i need to get blasted not by a batuuan but another guest relations person thats in batuu for what back up? I did not care about the ride if we got on or not its the fact i was asking simple clarification ? And was getting screamed at instead and told to get here at 7am like everyone else like i didnt have a life or choice… thats when its wrong!

  2. Ahsley

    Hang in there, Mark. I’m sure they are working on something, it’s Disney.
    It’s worth the wait.

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