Comments for Is Disney Planning Huge Overhaul at Popular Park? VP Patrick Finnegan Hints…

Disney California Adventure

Credit: Disney


  1. Laura

    just bring back soarin over california and leave it permanently. and bring back paint the night as a permanent resident. and bring back muppet vision 3d, also permanently. you know what should go in the space- the muppet courtyard that never got legs at hollywood studios. make the meet and greets into muppet meet and greets. have a muppet babies stage show. they insist on IP everywhere, yet don’t hardly utilize one of their properties in the parks.

  2. Teresa

    Bring back soaring over California or change it to soaring over the United States. Bring back the Mad Tea Party and the Aladdin show.

  3. Harley

    You guys are so lucky to have world of color i only wish wdw did! Hopefully they keep that!

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