Comments for Ex-Disney Employee Who Stole $7,000 in Haunted Mansion Props Receives Sentence

Haunted Mansion Thief



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    Soooooo he doesn’t even get fined the amount that he made from selling the props? Great.

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    Bartender Sam

    No jail time? $30K? WTF?

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    Bartender Sam

    No jail time? $30K? WTF?

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    It is my understanding from the news articles that they did not plead Guilty, but rather pleaded No Contest. Your article is stating all of the accusations against them as facts. Be careful, as that could potentially land you in hot water legally.

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    YeaH justice! 🙏🏻❤ Hopefully going to the Magic Kingdom in December if not sooner than that.

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    What a smug jerk. Yes, he got off too lightly. He also got away with sneaking into backstage areas and posting videos of it. It’s no surprise he and his dumb accomplice stole things.

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