Hogwarts Express in Real Life? Harry Potter Mystery Train Experience Coming Soon!

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Harry Potter Murder Mystery Train

Credit: WB/Wine Train

Murder-Mystery. Wine Train. Napa Valley. Harry Potter.

All four of those wonderful things come together to create an unforgettable experience through California’s Wine Country on–and only on–October 24, 2020.

It all takes place aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train. Hosting wine tours, beer tours, and more, the Napa Valley Wine Train originally teamed up with The Murder Mystery Company in Spring 2019. The first 1980s-themed murder mystery received such rave reviews that the Wine Train has brought the experience back with even more mystery options from which to choose. And that includes a Harry Potter option.

Napa Valley’s “Wizarding World” Murder Mystery Train

On October 24, 2020, the Napa Valley Wine Train will host its first-ever Harry Potter themed murder mystery train experience. Imagine Murder on the Orient Express meets the Hogwarts Express in Wine Country.

hogwarts express
Credit: Universal

Other than suggesting guests wear appropriate clothing to heighten the immersion, no other details have been released by the Wine Train. However, this is common practice. In order to be a proper murder mystery, the specific details of your story need to remain a mystery.

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The Murder Mystery Wine Train Experience

The Napa Valley Wine Train
Credit: The Napa Valley Wine Train

If you have never partaken in a murder mystery train experience, the Napa Valley Wine Train describes the overall experience as such:

Mystery. Mayhem. Murder. With jealous, jilted lovers, deadly secrets, and plenty of intrigue, our vintage train sets the stage for a devious game of cat and mouse as you search for a killer—or hide your insidious identity from your fellow dinner guests. Of course, you’ll still enjoy three gourmet courses of fine California cuisine on your journey. You’ll just solve a murder on the side. We hear it pairs nicely with a smooth pinot noir.

Board a restored vintage train for a three-hour dinner theater where you become part of your own Murder on the Orient Express story as you enjoy your delicious gourmet meal.

The Murder Mystery Experience Aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train
Credit: the Napa Valley Wine Train

“Guests have loved the highly interactive nature of the experience when the Murder Mystery Tour launched in 2019,” said Scott Goldie, co-CEO of the Napa Valley Wine Train. “So we’re excited to partner with The Murder Mystery Company and its cast of talented actors for 2020.”

Goldie also promised that the themes this year will provide a few twists and further give everyone a chance to enjoy an evening of flavorful food and fun detective work.

Beyond the Harry-Potter themed mystery, the Napa Valley Wine Train will offer the following themes paired with the suggested attire for each:

Crime and Punishment: 20’s attire

Death of a Gangster: 20’s attire

Dance with Death: 50’s attire

Totally 80’s: 80’s attire

Midnight at the Masquerade: Masquerade attire

Wizard and Witches: Witch hats and wizard robes are encouraged

Now You See It; Now You Don’t: Elegant evening gowns and suits

Till Death Do Us Part: Wedding Attire. Wear your own wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, suit, etc.

The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year: Holiday or Christmas Sweater-themed attire

The events run on select nights throughout the year from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Tickets start at $240 per person. Click here to be taken to the Wine Train’s website for more information and to make your reservation.

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Would you want to do a Harry Potter-themed Murder Mystery train? Are you interested in trying any of the other themes? What would you recommend to someone looking to do a murder mystery train for the first time? Let us know in the comments!

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