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Harrison Ford Trump

Credit: Disney/PBS


  1. Bruce Jansen

    After hearing Harrison Ford’s comments I will not watch any more Disney movies ever again

    1. Mark

      And yet harrison ford is only in this movie what did the others due to you???

  2. Cook

    Inside the magic, you guys really need to stop and or monitor all this political propaganda on a theme park blog. This is ridiculous already. This website is supposed to be my escape from the craziness of this country and yet every week t every other week, there’s a new post pointed at politics. Stop it already, its honestly annoying from whatever side of the political spectrum. I’m not taking sides but I’m sick of reading politics garbage on a theme park blog.

  3. Greg

    Where’s Kylo Ren and his lightsaber when you need him?

  4. Traci

    Cook’s comment said exactly what I was going to! I’m unsubscribing if this continues. If I want political BS, this is NOT the place I would come for it. I come here for Disney news so I can escape the real world. But everyone must cram it down our throats! So Insider? are you a disney news outlet? or a regular news outlet? Please let me know.

  5. Harley

    I wont comment bc my comments only get deleted bc i complain about itm only every so often positive negative think its aloud and yet it will get deleted but we could all curse each other out for 100 pgs+ thats okay???

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Harley, I’m not aware of any time we’ve ever deleted your comments. In fact, we love getting your comments, even if they are negative. Our spam filter does randomly trash/spam comments but we try to find those and post them, but often that happens a day or so after the comment is made.

      ALSO Because its obvious a segment of our audience doesn’t like what they see as “political” articles let me also address that quickly. When someone tied to the world of Disney like Harrison Ford makes comments that become newsworthy (while prompting a film for Disney) it seems to me that it would be odd for us to be silent and assume those comments were never made. But honestly, I wish those comments didn’t happen as frankly this news seldom helps ITM. We report it because it feels like the right thing to report, but every time these reports occur they also lead to a loss of audience. My hope is that my being consistent and giving our audience the good AND the bad we will be a better publication in the long run. But for everyone who doesn’t like Politics mixed with Disney, I get it. But that doesn’t mean we can stop reporting it.

  6. Rick

    I would have liked to watch the movie, but after hearing
    Harrison Ford comment on my president, I will never give another nickle to see anything he or others like him are in. All you producers and directors, go ahead and make movies with these folk knowing there are millions of us who are done with anything these people are associated with. I am an American patriot who served in the 101st airborne division and am sick and tired of hearing these people disparage my vote.

    1. Joe

      So only your side/opinion is valid… glad you fought for everyone’s freedom. I guess it’s a different constitution you were defending then the one we actually have. Seems like Hollywood or anyone has the right to their opinion on our current president… I seem to remember other presidents from both sides criticized over the years. Guess we forgot about that no that our current president is getting his delicate feelings hurt. If I remember right he himself criticized a president did you come out against him back then for that? Probably not because it wasn’t important to you… but yeah freedom isn’t one sided Rick

  7. Joe

    Please I hope all people above don’t go to the parks or support Disney at all. The parks are to crowded as is and the band wagon fans are to much so please just go away and support your false idol the orange Demi-god. I’ll enjoy content about Harrison Ford not being a fan of our criminal in chief.
    Enjoy your Disney free life ?

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