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Hamilton Disney Parks


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    Just bc disney distributes something doesnt mean they have rights to it!! Do your research!!! Lin still owns the rights not disney so they can not do anything w it but put it out in theatres!!
    If they ask lin if they could do a show thats different but i doubt lin will say yes the movie enough will bring people to ? Seeing it live enough forget a show at a theme park it doesnt belong at! This isnt like universal in japan where they had a 30 min version of wicked that ran (i wish that replaced blue man group here honestly theres more money in wicked) but that was bc its family friendly hamilton isnt and i love the shown.

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    Disney Fan

    Stupidest question and headline ever.
    Please hire competent writers next time.

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    Worst idea ever.

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      Its not the worst idea ever its just the fact i agree w harley above its not disney appropriate! Besides lin and his peeps still hold the rights shes right! Its like all the NBXmas chatter tim burton still owns the rights… just bc disney distributes it doesnt mean they own it!

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    How about save money use your awesome vofl and ent people and just make american adventure live! Done!

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      This! 100%

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