Comments for A Former Disney Princess Tells All On Her Magical Backstage Rise To The Top


  1. Harley

    I love this article ent is a rough life but i know many whom like this princess wouldnt trade it! Though i not suprised about the backstage discussion… ent esp has non princess dialogue for sure! I remember wrking just attractions and couldnt believe the language that came out of ent casts on break! There were many of us that tried to watch what we said bc even off stage areas in many places are close to on stage!

    1. Mark

      Ent is only worth being paid bc your equity! The behind the scenes stuff its like your not in wdw anymore… was ent management theres no respect and forget boob grabbing i saw worse things! I have stopped worse things! And they do not care bc its off stage bc on stage and off they are princesses and i am sure she was one too!

  2. Darth Hubba Hubba

    I like that the article ended on a girl getting excited about her BOOBS getting grabbed.

    No summary paragraph or concluding statement.

    Just… “Can I grab your BOOBS?!” — “UH-HUH! UH-HUH!”

    Now THAT’s quality writing!

    1. Mark

      Like i said above thats working ent in a nutshell! Touching boobs is nothing compared to what i stopped as a manager!

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