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    Interesting take with the math, but in ‘55 you had a realistic chance of riding every ride. Your math for what a day would cost to ride every attraction in every park (2 parks in CA, 4 parks in FL) is an impossible feat to accomplish in a single day. If you did your math on a pet park basis you would have to come to the conclusion that the daily park prices are extremely high.

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    I agree with Sam. Based on their “Disney Math” & the availability of 90 attractions between 2 parks, you would have to complete 5.6 attractions/hr x 16 hrs (Disneyland is sometimes open from 8AM-Midnight). Of course, that is NOT figuring in time for meals, snacks, & restroom breaks. Even on a good day, I can’t imagine doing 90 attractions in 16 hrs!!! Nice try but your math is a bit Goofy”!!!

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