Comments for Car Catches Fire In Mickey & Friends Parking Structure At Disneyland

Disneyland Car

Credit: Fox 11


  1. Ron Koutz

    We saw fire 1st, has we exited escalator we found ourselves on employee level parking. A haze was forming, and walking further, we saw flames. We looked for Assist alarm. Employee asked if we saw what started it. He quickly informed us we were in employee parking and kindly ushered out big locked gate. He called 911 but we took 1 picture as other cars alarms were going off. We watched and soon heard sirens and hook and ladder truck appeared. Great courtesy was given by Disney employee to us. Ron from Hastings MI

  2. I wonder if the car was on or off at the time because that would have been interesting. It is such a rare thing for a car just to catch fire especially if the car was off. Antonio

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