Comments for UPDATE: Google Demonetizes YouTuber’s Videos Showing Trespassers at Disney, Universal

disney world universal trespassing backstage


  1. Jackie

    Are we sure we havent bren reading too much kingdom keepers ??? Besudes its a 247 operation most patks have 3rd shift are we sure they arent just employees??

  2. Harry

    Let me tell all Urban Explorers about sneaking into Disney World Park. Taking a self guided tour where roller coaster run is suicide. I worked Disney Security for more years than the trespassers are old. Grave shift Maintenance crews may unexpectedly turn the ride on and if you are in a narrow passageway where there is only enough room for the ride, the trespasser will look like a possum hit by a truck. We had a few trespassers who stole a Keel boat and took for a joy ride and the ran it aground. One of the boys got in the water trying to pull it free when his friend threw it into reverse and sucked his buddy into the propeller. We could hear his screams throughout the park. Our Security saved his life, he almost bled to death.
    Urban Explorers, why don’t you explore the California Swamp on a moonless night with a flashlight. You people are NUTS.

    1. Peter

      NUTS is absolutely the term!

    2. LizS

      So why hasn’t this guy’s YouTube channel yanked yet? Why is he being interviewed and given all this attention? I have seen Disney ban and stop people for less. Can’t fathom why this guy is still doing this.

  3. Eileen

    So, you’re not “endorsing the behavior”, but you give the guy a ton of free publicity by giving him a feature article. Good idea.

  4. Cynthia Phillips

    why in the world publish something like this? now a lot of your readers will go to his youtube or wherever and make him more money. this is something that did not need to be made public.

  5. Why bother with the article if you’re not going to post the videos. I can just go to youtube?

  6. EricJ

    One career YouTuber (can’t recall) made a big pretentious easy-target forbidden-Disney image out of “They BANNED me! They didn’t want me REVEALING their secrets!” because he had taken videos of the former Discovery Island on Crescent Lake.
    The lake with the alligators in it.

  7. Laura

    glad his channel got yanked. no one should get to make money off promoting something illegal. everyone involved in this should be prosecuted. you have to make examples of people so others don’t copycat.

    that said, the free publicity given by this article isn’t helping. those attention-seekers are getting exactly what they want. consider not posting about them in the future.

    1. verne

      Channel is still there. He’s just been demonetized.

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