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  1. Laura

    i’m not going to comment on whether or not the incidents happened, but i will say this- this attitude is why people don’t come forward to report harassment. no one should fear being fired if they report something. it sounds like the person in position of authority should have been the one fired if everything checks out. i know people are going to say she’s just in it for the money, but people don’t realize the courage it takes to make a report and how vulnerable you make yourself, and this is after already being violated and humiliated. people coming forward should be praised, not shamed. who in their right mind is going to make up a story like this and risk losing all credibility?

  2. Paul Quarantello

    As a former cast member, and one who worked at Hollywood Studios, her claims seem to be legit. I too had complained about a fellow cast member, though mine wasn’t nearly as serious as sexual harassment. This cast member happened to be a favorite of the managers in our department. Needless to say, after I voices my complaints about this person, suddenly I was told management was receiving complaints about me from guests. There were two, on of the mysterious complaints said I cursed out the guest at park entry. That’s when I was terminated. So yeah, Disney will make up stuff.

  3. Harley

    Managers were jealous of me and my tenure as a guest and considering wdw my second they just saw their position as a job… they knew bc of me their days were numbered so it was easy enough to make it look like i didnt care make senses… torment cms that were my friends into tattling like i was keeping something…
    A few are gone were at mk but a few wrk dhs still wouldnt be surprised if they are behind it!
    Once another cm didnt like my face all of a sudden upper management came in to always observe me doing my job! Only once did i get reprimanded and want to kmow why i was doing ASL for a family instead of being where i should have been! Give me a break! Oh you know when my opportunity came to be termed when my grandpa past away and they knew i go on fmla!
    I am much happier as a guest you dont sadly know whats going on but now you seen too much at least you can sympathize and thats why i am always polite to every cm!

  4. Crumpet

    Take your medicine…Ha!

  5. Amber

    As someone who worked at DHS last year myself and had a fellow cast member tell me he was going to force me into sex and wanted it to hurt. I had TONS of texts as proof for when I reported it to higher ups, had meetings APLENTY at the partners building and was ultimately told to just not work the same shifts as him. So I don’t doubt this one bit. They claim safety is priority but kinda act otherwise. Not all leaders but definitely quite a few.

  6. Mark

    Saftey D begins w me is about the guests cm to cm your own your own! Just be glad your not ent alot worse happens back stage i walked in on people like they were home!

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