Comments for Disney World President Invests Millions into Cast Member Workplace Experience

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Credit: Josh D'Amaro


  1. I worked for Walt Disney World for 22 years.When I started. I loved it,I even got family and friends to work there.I would not recommend it to anyone now.The respect for cast members is zero If like I was,and been there for a long 22 years.I know lot of people whose left or have retirement early…Cast are scared they will be fired.Whe were threatened all the time..NO RESPECT.Cast didn’t care about break rooms unless they were taken away.

  2. Kenn

    WOW, Pete from the Dis was so right about Josh. If WDW can be the best at customer service again this is where you start.

  3. Peter

    I work at WDW and I’m overjoyed I can afford to eat at our cafeteria now! It was a major sore point for me. In fact, when it happened I thought it was a trick, or there was some angle I was missing. Wow, I was wrong! Thanks, Josh! I hope I can shke your hand and thank you in person!!

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