Comments for Disney Plus Numbers Stagnate Due to Lack of ‘Adult Programs’ says Wall Street Report

Source: Eonline.


  1. I signed up with an annual subscription to the service so I could watch exclusive Pixar content. And I’m in my mid-20s of age. There is nothing wrong with me as an adult watching family-friendly content (although I DO get tired of over-protective parents not letting their kids watch certain animated movies just because of any single hidden adult reference, let alone people on the Internet making a big ordeal out of those to the point where they feel like pointing out EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE THINGS to their viewers/readers).

    Remember, people: Animation is NOT! JUST! FOR! KIDS!

    1. Harley

      Amen to that! I catch myself all the time watching disney channel shows wo my kid esp phineas and ferb and owl house! Not to mention the movies! Ironically itm would choose scrooge from mickey christmas carol as the photo for the article favorite in the house as i grew up w it! Thats it too alot of adults grew up w it bc we were once kids too and some of us want to have 5 seconds to self and get away from reality and might choose cartoons vs the news!

  2. Lee

    Disney Plus should probably remain family-friendly and Disney should make Hulu more of a Netflix competitor by taking Hulu worldwide, adding the massive Fox library to Hulu and producing more quality “mature” content for Hulu. Disney Plus and Hulu together should be able to match the Netflix subscriber numbers in a few years.

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