The Ultimate Disney Valentine’s Day Playlist; Link Included!

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Carl Fredricksen and Ellie Fredricksen hugging

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; there’s love tonight and Inside the Magic has you covered, with a classic Disney love music playlist. Enjoy Valentine’s day with fifteen classic Disney, Pixar, and yes, even Star Wars love songs to set the mood for a magical evening.

Here are a few of our favourites as well as a link to the playlist itself.  To view it on your device, simply click the Spotify logo in the top right.

From Angela Lansbury and Elton John to Phil Collins and a whole lot of Alan Menken, these love songs are total classics that’ll make your romantic evening that little bit more magical. Just one question: can you feel the love tonight?

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Our Favourites

I See the Light by Alan MenkenTangled

The most beautiful and romantic song in this particular Disney film, I See the Light offers a gorgeous moment of calm during this nonstop thrill ride. Beginning as a soft solo ballad by Rapunzel, this wonderful piece of Disney love music comes into its own during Flynn’s verse (accompanied by a key change that is impossible to not sing along with).
If you’re having a lovely candlelit dinner, why not play this wonderfully calming Disney love song. Oh, Alan Menken you author of love, you. Expect to see Menken popping up a lot on this list.

Married Life by Michael GiacchinoUp

A song doesn’t need lyrics to be romantic! Michael Giacchino‘s stunning soundtrack to Up proves that. The score to the famous ‘Married Life’ segment of the same name is all at once touching, charming, and heartbreaking, epitomizing true love.
With just four simple notes, Giacchino tells a life-spanning love story without the need for lyrics. A beautiful song, but get the tissues ready for the A beautiful song, but get the tissues ready for the end.
Carl Fredricksen and Ellie Fredricksen hugging
Ellie and Carl. Source: IMDb

Lava by James Ford Murphy – Lava

Another Pixar hit, this charming short film is accompanied by a sensational Hawaiian tune that just screams love. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, as the soft vocals and ukulele work make it a seriously pretty bit of music.
We recommend putting this song on if you’re out for a sandy picnic this Valentine’s Day. If your partner is a Disney fan (and if not, why not?), they’ll adore every second of this charming bit of Disney love music.

Han Solo and the Princess by John Williams – Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

A rogue (one) choice perhaps, but far from the bombastic horns of most Star Wars tracks, the love theme for Han and Leia is quiet and romantic, again without the need of lyrics. This leitmotif pops up in the sequel trilogy too, during the reconciliation of this classic couple.
Gentle yet dramatic, this unconventional Disney love song makes the perfect accompaniment to any candlelit dinner. Just skip ahead when it samples the Imperial March song towards the end. It might force choke the mood a little. 

Love is an Open Door by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez- Frozen

A solid song from a musical filled with classic tunes and the perfect choice for any of you go-getters who fancy a karaoke party for your date night. Yes, it’s a little awkward when you look back at that twist but taken for what it is, Love is an Open Door is a wonderful piece of music, and a real swooner. Just make sure you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a Kristoff, not a Hans. 
Anna and Hans from Frozen in a boat
Hans (gross) and Anna. Source: IMDb

The Full List

Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton JohnThe Lion King
A Whole New World by Alan MenkenAladdin
I See the Light by Alan MenkenTangled
Once Upon a Dream by George Bruns – Sleeping Beauty
Kiss the Girl by Alan MenkenThe Little Mermaid
You’ll be in My Heart by Phil Collins Tarzan
Lava by James Ford Murphy – Lava
Love is an Open Door by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez – Frozen
Bella Notte by Sonny Burke and Peggy Lee – Lady and the Tramp
Beauty and the Beast by Alan MenkenBeauty and the Beast
Something There by Alan MenkenBeauty and the Beast
Ma Belle Evangeline by Randy Newman – The Princess and the Frog
Married Life by Michael GiacchinoUp
Han Solo and the Princess by John WilliamsStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
If I Never Knew You by Alan MenkenPocahontas
Did we miss any essential Disney love classics? Tell us in the comments below and share the Spotify playlist with your friends and loved ones!

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