Comments for Disney in Plain English: Why Disney World Price Increases are a Good Thing

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  1. Laura

    i’m sorry, have we hit the fewer people stage yet? because i don’t think anyone would say we have.

  2. Christina

    Doesn’t matter how Disney spin it, the price increase is good for Disney only. In plain English Disney is saying we only want people that have money to spend to come not people that have to save up for years to bring the family and have a tight budget.

    1. Sharon Akle

      I have been a long time fan of Disney.
      Since Disney World opened 1971. …
      I’ve had almost 50 visits since that time…but I guess Disney..no longer wants me as a Guest.
      My children loved and enjoyed coming every year…sad to say that their children will NEVER KNOW that experience.
      The price hikes are so unnecessary and totally take away from what Walt Disney envisioned for Disney…”That is was a Place..that All Could Come and Enjoy”!
      Major Fail Disney…
      cost of living is understandable…
      This is just cruel.

  3. LizS

    In plain English, this benefits no one but Disney. I am still waiting for those low crowds, quality food, and less moody cms?. And it’s ashame that pleasing the shareholders was mentioned.

  4. Matt Brewster

    Back in 1988 I solved this problem, and many more, with my “CompuTour” system. Those wishing to visit a Diz park would have to book it in advance, as they do already for their transportation and lodging needs. Once inside a park, CompuTour would manage their attn. and dining choices by eliminating the need to wait in line! Diz could benefit just as much as guests, for it could finally control crowd size by declaring a specific date as sold out once desired capacity was booked. (Guests would need to book well in advance to snag a hotly desired visit date, like Xmas). Diz could save a fortune with CompuTour, because it could allow it to funnel demand for several dates into one, allowing it to reserve a park for a private groups could book the whole park, or to perform seasonal maintenance. At WDW, the parks could be operated in rotation on weekdays, with all of them open all at once only during weekends and major holiday weekends. You’d think that Diz would have welcomed my concept. Alas, for legal reasons, they refused to even read an outline. Now we are stuck with their crude “solution” to the whole problem- constant price hikes!

    1. Adam

      I think this is what the new AI Genie will attempt to do.

  5. Denise B.

    The only ones that benefit from the price increase is Disney. The excuse of it being for crowd control is nonsense. They can limit how many people come into the park if they so choose to. Everything about Disney is price-gouging and greed.

    1. GADonald

      As stated above, Disney could cap park admissions at a certain level, as once they apparently did for the Halloween and Christmas parties.

      1. Kyle

        Want a less crowded park? Cap the number of people allowed in. Disney os supposed to be a place that everyone can enjoy as Walt Disney said himself. These increases are great for the Wealthy who might get lower crowds but it’s horrible for everyone else, pricing out people like that is just so cruel

  6. Jeanne

    This is a bunch of hooey! Higher prices are not stopping anyone from going to Disney.

  7. Kathryn

    I am a travel agent and I can tell you that this is the worst explanation and idea ever!!! You are punishing those who cannot afford to pay high prices to enter. You are now making this for the elite instead of for everyone as Walt had intended. As a travel agent, I can say it is the WORST feeling when you have a family come into the office to talk about taking a vacation and having to see the little ones start to cry or get sad when mom and dad have to tell them they can’t go because they can’t afford it. I don’t know what happened, but Disney needs to stop planning around their wallets and start planning around the wallets of the general population. And the promotions are getting worse and more restricted than ever. It is a shame. As it is said, “A dream is a wish your heart makes” but Disney dreams are no longer a reality unless you can pay the big bucks.

  8. Harley

    In plain eng you all do not have common sense you want change and new thats not going to come for free! The parks plus new rides have to be maintained! They have to be run! Forget the restaurants and hotels! Wake up people disney has more than just the parks and running them comes from somewhere and it doesnt run for free! Wake up!!
    Your next arguement is well back in the day well back in the day you paid for ticket books and there was only 1 or 2 parks and barely a hotel!!!

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