Disney Won “Hamilton” Rights in Most Expensive Single-Film Deal in Hollywood History

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Just a few weeks ago, the news broke that Disney would bring Lin Manuel Miranda’s award-winning musical sensation, Hamilton, to movie theaters across the country. We now know that the entertainment conglomerate won the worldwide film rights to the show in an unprecedented $75 million deal. The Disney-Hamilton film deal is the most expensive single-film deal in the history of Hollywood.

But, Disney acquired more than just a movie. The company now holds yet another global phenomenon with the ability to go beyond simply the theatrical release of a live-capture performance. After this theater run which begins October 2021, Hamilton will then be transferred to Disney+ and giving Miranda an even bigger audience for his musical and fans all over the world a chance to see it.

“At the same time,” said Lynwood Bibbens, CEO of Reach TV, the first Nielsen-rated, linear, short-form OTT entertainment network, “Disney may commission a feature documentary on Hamilton strictly for Disney+ that comes out in early 2021 to build momentum for the franchise film.”

Disney’s Might and Broadway’s Appeal

Bob Iger and Mickey Mouse
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Disney secured the rights to a global phenomenon when it continued to sell out across the world without a single bead of sweat. This is a massive power move that allows Disney to continue to flex its might as it attempts to follow a year that saw seven movies each earn over $1 billion at the box office. And Hamilton becomes the latest global acquisition of a pop culture phenomenon to be acquired by Disney.

Bob Iger’s Purchases

Let’s take a side note to mention that since Bob Iger replaced Michael Eisner as Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, he has done some major spending. With his leadership, Disney acquired Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, National Geographic, and underwent an acquisition merged with 21st Century Fox. Now, he’s bought the rights to one of the most popular Broadway musicals ever. “Just look around/ look around/ look around” and let that sink in for a moment.

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Back to Broadway and its Relationship with Hollywood

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Credit: Aladdin Musical

The Disney-Hamilton deal also represents both a culmination and a recovery of Hollywood’s relationship with Broadway.

“Many other titles have sold their film rights to the studios already,” Bibbens said. “The top 17 Broadway shows ever have all been, or are going to be, made into films. In the future, this will be rolled out with a plan even quicker.”

But Hollywood has always attempted to put its spin on the Broadway shows. Cutting the musical short to fit a normal film’s length and adding their A-list movie stars in an attempt to attract non-musical moviegoers. But that spin finally spun out of control when Universal’s Cats tanked at the box office.

Credit: Hamilton Musical

Disney appears to be putting an end to that spin with its release of Hamilton. It will use live-capture technology to give audiences the entire show with the original Broadway cast. Pure to the original show that earned the meteoric success. While some fans begin to question whether Disney will intervene and censor the show, this writer has faith that Disney knows better and that Lin Manuel Miranda has too much artistic integrity to ever sign on otherwise.

Hamilton arrives in theaters in October, 2021.

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