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Die Hard Tower of Terror

Credit: Disney/20th Century Fox


  1. Martina

    Die Hard is overrated to begin with and I hate this idea. The Tower of Terror is one of the most brilliant attractions WDI ever created. It’s already been destroyed forever in Anaheim which saddens me to no end. Let’s not eradicate the amazing haunted 1930s hotel environment forever by turning the Orlando one into an…office building.

    1. Harley

      Its actually haunted i bet the ghosts wouldnt be please!
      Besides its the only tower which has cbs aproval to kept twlight zone name! I think thats huge! It also fits the old hollywoodland atmosphere its also a disney family theme park not universal! Die hard is R rated 80s action film doesnt fit disney nor its atmosphere the front of the park conveys! Its also the icon of the park that would change drastically without tower! Its also popular attraction bc of its theming twlight zone and sci fi has a huge pull scifi restaurant is still #1 for reasons!

      1. Melanie Durham

        No no no no no nope and no

  2. I loved Die Hard, but leave the Tower of Terror alone. It’s fine as it is.

  3. Jake From Statefarm

    The tower can be seen from Epcot. Its design blends with Morocco. A Nakatomi Plaza reskin won’t work. Sorry.

  4. Sarah C.

    This quote seems appropriate:
    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  5. Michael

    No. There…. question answered.

  6. William Wells

    Dear Disney: Quit fixing things that aren’t broken. AND ENOUGH WITH THE STAR WARS obsession already.

  7. Jacque

    Please don’t mess with my tower of terror. Its one of the rides i try to ride as much as possible, like haunted mansion and pirates its a classic.

  8. Ryan L

    So, here is my opinion on why this idea would not go well with Disney. One, the Tower of Terror in DHS is the original Tower of Terror. Two, Tower of Terror is still a wildly popular ride, and if all the other ones change, this one will be the one to attract guests with the original theme. And three, one of the main reasons why parents and children got upset with Disney in the first place was because they were looking through the eyes of the hero so they were nowhere to be seen.

  9. Sam

    The Die Hard theme does not go with Hollywood Studios at all and would only diminish the feeling intended for that specific park. Furthermore, the Tower of Terror is an absolutely iconic ride that so many people adore. The one in Florida is also the original and no others look like it. Beyond that, it is intended to blend in with Epcot’s Morocco section. Disney owns enough land to build a Diehard ride if they really wanted to. I personally think that would make the Disney image more convoluted since like other people have said, it’s not a family themed movie and doesn’t really go with the Disney vibe.

  10. EricJ

    It’s sad when you have to even ASK whether anyone still remembers the cool Bruce Willis from the first Die Hard. But we do.
    And before we get more armchair “Hey, like, Disney bought Fox, so…!” blue-sky articles, Fox already built a walk-through Titanic adventure for the abandoned Fox Studios Australia park in the late 90’s–Didn’t look too bad, sort of like DLP’s Armageddon. And, no.

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