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Millennium Falcon Chewbacca

Credit: Disney


  1. Darth Obvious

    Uh, yeah, that SURE is a secret, because how in the heck is anybody, let alone six people supposed to accidentally figure THAT out?!

    I’m guessing Disney released this “secret” because NOBODY was doing it and now they get some free press by having the “internet” discover this secret in order to get people back into the park to go on the ride.

    A better “secret” would be a single red button slightly behind you that MOST might not notice right away, but does the same thing.

    Heck, if they have to have a 6-person version of this same concept, when somebody pushes the slightly hidden red button, a voice overhead could say, “Chewbacca needs to know if you want him to guide you. If you do, everybody push your red button now. Hurry!” Then there’s 10 seconds for everybody to find and push their red button. If they notice the announcement and do, they get secret mode. If they don’t, you get the typical ride.

    Way better than some complicated pattern of do this, turn that, make sure this person goes first, then do that again, and so forth.

    If you want people to have a special bonus fun in a hectic, “hurry up and buckle yourself in” environment, keep it simple!

    1. Jackie

      Wow bitter much! Theres plenty of people there i havent seen batuu more than a few stores… so speak for yourself! Besides its not complicated its just adding to the fun or do you want to just sit on a ride and do nothing… guess what then do not go to wdw bc thats for having fun! Universal and busch parks that are no longer busch are calling!

      1. Darth Obvious

        I realize that you missed my point.

        I’m saying that this is a poorly designed Easter Egg.

        If this was something that they genuinely wanted people to accidentally discover, they should have made it simpler to be found. Do you wonder why it hasn’t been mentioned by ANYBODY until over a half-year AFTER the park opened?

        It’s because NOBODY discovered it. If it could have been discovered by an average family, we would have heard something about it already. Like, “We got Chewbacca mode,” then people would be trying to figure out how.

        Disney is now putting it out there to generate a little “talk” online because their subtle attempt at “viral” fell flat.

        I would like to know the source of this Easter Egg discovery. Probably somebody who worked on the design of the ride and/or marketing department.

        Something FUN like this should be available for at least 1 in 50 families to bump into.

        I ask YOU this: Can you think of a better way to design the accessibility of this Easter Egg? Or do you think Disney designed the absolutely, single, positively best way this could be “discovered”?

        That is my point.

        Other than this ONE thing, everything else Disney has ever done is great, all the time.

    2. Mark

      Its called an easter egg for a reason its not supose to be found but someone did and share it! This is what happens when streaming takes over easter eggs on dvds and everywhere else loose there message!

      1. Darth Obvious


        So you believe that 6 everyday people rode the ride and pushed this rather odd combination of buttons in this seemingly random order and accidentally “discovered” Chewbacca mode?

        AND they rode it enough times to realize what they had done, and then not only realizing it, remembered it, reproduced the experience and were able to write down this rather complex combo, and shared it, so that the rest of us could do it too?

        How many times do you think this same group of 6 waited on the line and what they did when they accidentally pushed a wrong button in this pattern? Do you think they were like, “I’ll go ride again! I don’t that anything is going to happen, because I haven’t heard about anything that will, but I bet if we all keep pushing buttons, SOMETHING will randomly happen!”?

        Do you see what I am saying at all?

        This “easter egg” had help.

        Somebody should ask the people who made that video how THEY heard about it. Watch the video. They don’t mention HOW. They keep saying “It’s real!!” If it was so “real”, don’t you think ITM would’ve mentioned that people were randomly getting Chewbacca mode and nobody knew how it was being done? Then, yeah, people would be searching for the pattern. This wasn’t “discovered”. This was told to us by somebody who already KNEW.

        Nobody KNEW about some of the old Nintendo video game cheat codes until the late 80s when they were printed in Nintendo Magazine and were basically told to us by the people who programmed the video games.

        All I’m saying is that if Disney WANTED people to have fun with this mode, they’d have put a big red (slightly hard-to-find on a first trip) Chewbacca button in the cockpit.

        Think about it.

        If you believe there is NOTHING to what I’m saying, then tell me why you think I’m off course here.

        (Keep in mind, everything I wrote is not a comment on the coolness of a Chewbacca mode. That in itself is awesome. I am commenting on the “discovery” and ease of this Easter egg.)

  2. Harley

    This is cool and all but remember it also might be your # time on the ride and someone first you do not want to ruin it for them just so you could get help from chewie! That being said off to try it on our next piloting round!

  3. Mark

    Last time i was on it i started fidgeting w buttons and whatever i did i didnt crash so theres something to be said for easter egg cheat codes!

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