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Star wars stage show at Disney Hollywood Studios


  1. Mark

    Its obvious isnt it the 9th movie came out they have batuu and training academy its not needed besides theres a ride right behind it set to open and it needs extended queue space as this ride will have a queue like “normal” rides and not boarding parties!!

  2. Mack

    My daughter loved seeing Chewbacca onstage for this so we will miss it. Seeing him around the park is the highlight of Hollywood for her so this is one less chance to see him

  3. William

    It is kind of sad to see this show go, but i can see why. The show is always fun to watch but due to Galaxy’s Edge now fully open i can see why they are taking the show away.

    1. Harley

      I think besides agreeing w mark the space is probably needed for queue over flow once the mnmrr opens but the fact is its in a very bad spot! Its litterally in the middle of the main walkway there is no shade ever (believe me before courtyard had parking in center it was out next to gmr mermaid strollers was a nightmare position) and besides no one watches it anymore and i doubt they are going to invest in redoing a show they have new rides to open and maintain!

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