Comments for Disney CEO Bob Iger to Step Down, Effective Immediately

bob iger steps down

Credit: NY post


  1. Chris

    I hope they bring back room discounts for shareholders.

  2. Matt Brewster

    I’ve heard only bad things about mr. Mr. Chapek. He only seems concerned with money, and not much about the Disney Legacy.

  3. Royce

    What was the sudden rush? This short notice was two weeks before the shareholders meeting — and yet they didn’t announce this in Dec / Jan so they could put it on the ballot which were sent out on Jan 29, 2020. – Why not have Bob Chapek first be COO “Chief Operating Officer” – or have his replacement lined up? — Something is fishy — THUS one of these PREDICTIONS might come true:

    By October 2020, Bob Iger will announce that he is immediately stepping down from his “Executive Chairman” position and leave the company. (Iger will still be paid for his entire contract) — Then by November, Bob Chapek will NOT be renewed as CEO. A totally new CEO will be brought in and placed on the March 2021 shareholders voters ballot.

    OR —— By the middle of 2021, Bob Iger will continue to pull the strings of Bob Chapek, and then Michael Eisner will receive the Disney Legend award at D23 – and — Michael Eisner will bring his son Breck into Disney to direct Star Wars / Marvel.

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