Comments for Changing of the Guard: Bob Iger and Bob Chapek to take part in Ceremony at Cinderella Castle

Bob Iger Bob Chapek Changing of the Guard Cinderella Castle

Credit: Adweek


  1. Thomas

    Really? Sunday feb. 30?? Is there really someone who wrote that and someone who edited this text?

    1. Ray

      Read the whole thing, it says it is a work of fiction at the end.

      1. Jackie

        Then why does itm think i want to read that things are truly slipping here!

      2. That wasn’t fiction. It was stupidity!

    2. Exactly! What I was thinking!

  2. Tom Morrow

    How bored were you today???? ???

  3. Cheryl

    Fist impressions ?? Feb 30. Kept reading hysterical and figured you were having slow day. Mice to know you have great imagination. Lol

  4. Rochelle

    And it’s not even April 1st. Good one.

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