14 Majestic and Magical Black Princess Portraits of Ethereal Natural Beauty

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afroart black princess series

Reflecting diversity and reaching for new definitions of beauty is important. From artists illustrating Princesses as black women to friends Disneybounding as “PRINT-cesses” in African prints, we’re all about switching up the narrative. These art pieces showing that boys, too, can enjoy Princesses captures our hearts, as well. When Atlanta based photographers from the CreativeSoul Photography studio released Black Princess Portraits in February 2020, the internet stood up and took notice. We’re loving the Disneybound nature and essence of these Disney Princesses combined with African prints, natural hair, and amazing accessories.

You’ll notice that in all the portraits throughout social media, the princesses, queens, and girls are yet unnamed. While their personalities, color palettes, and accessories shine through to give us essences or hints to their identity, the photographer has chosen to keep the names hidden. You’ll see more below as you browse the Black Princess portraits…

black princess portrats pin image
Credit: ITM/CreativeSoul Photography

Black Princess Portraits of Ethereal Natural Beauty

First, we have a classic Princess with a magical tale. Cinderella! The pale blue gown is gorgeous and certainly tells us this girl is ready and waiting for her ball!

Cinderella afroart black princess
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

Under the Sea – that’s where it’s better, take it from me! Or perhaps you’d like to ask the Royal herself, Ariel. Bedecked in small shells and bright red tresses, our mermaid maiden looks curious and ready for adventure.

Ariel Black Princess AfroArt
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

Tiana’s Place, that’s where we’re headed. Complete with tiny Naveen, Tiana blossoms in beauty in this portrait. Tia’s natural tresses bring a depth that compliments her necklaces tulle underskirt. The stylists did a fabulous job here!

Tiana Disney Princess African Art
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

Trying to find her path, Pocahontas visits Grandmother Willow over and over. “You know your path, child. Now FOLLOW IT,” she says. The spinning arrow leads Pocahontas to do what she sees in her heart. This young warrior below is no different. Sure, strong, and looking glam while doing it.

Pocahontas Black Princess
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

The cold never bothered her, and we’re thinking it’s right with us, too! Icy chills break over Elsa‘s locks, freezing her crown as well as our gaze upon her. Blue hues and lacy touches bring this portrait to light!

Elsa afroart black princess
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

She’s a beauty, that Belle. A smart, witty girl that takes us by storm. Jumping forth in her yellow ball gown, this Princess is striking in every way. Way to go!

Belle afroart black princess
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

A kind and supportive soul, Princess Anna loves her sister dearly. We love this princess, too. A young face shines back at us from a pointed tiara and beautiful brown buns. Perhaps she might tell us the way up the North Mountain to visit Oaken? We could do with a quart of lutefisk.

Anna afroart black princess
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

Rapunzel, let down your hair! Truly powerful with braids of virtue, ‘Punzie is dynamic and robust in this portrait of purple. We’ll have the best day ever dreaming up adventures with this Princess.

Rapunzel Black Princess
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

Snow White, the youngest and most gentle of all, shows us her kindness in this black Princess portrait.  Check out the tiny apple details in her headdress or the delicately draped striped in her puffed sleeve. The model’s beautiful hair puffs gently in clouds to encircle her head like an ethereal crown.

Snow White Afro ARt

She knows who she is, and she wants you to know, too! Moana, the new chief of Montonui stands tall and places her shell on top of the mountain.

Moana Black Princess Portrait
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

“I am not a prize to be won.” Jasmine‘s strength does not lie speechless in this portrait of confiendence and self assuredness. Her hair resembles her animated counterpart’s volume and length, while staying true to its owner. Gorgeous!

Princess Jasmine Black Portrait
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

A Princess (and later queen) in her own right is Nala. After helping raise Simba to his throne, accompanies him in growls of glory. The colors and textures achieved in this portrait from natural fibers (feathers) is outrageously beautiful. Crowned with her natural hair and a diadem, this princess glows.

Queen Nala Black Princess Portrait
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

Aurora, the Princess of Pink and Blue, finally dons her tiara in glory. She’s certainly decided which color she wants to wear!

Princess Portraits
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

Lastly, Princess Obsidian, as so-called by the hairstylist that created a portion of this look. Argued on social media to be either Mulan or Shuri, the photographer is staying mum. Though warrior qualities are mentioned on Instagram, the character identity of the portrait has not been revealed. Which Princess do you think she is?

Princess Obsidian- Shuri or Mulan
Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

CreativeSoul Photographers Regis & Kahran

Hey, we’re Regis and Kahran! We’re artists obsessed with unique, visual storytelling. In fact, we connected because of both our passion for preserving precious moments. We fell head over heels in love with one another, and in the process created something beautiful: CreativeSoul Photography.  With more than 7 years of working with hundreds of children, families, and brands, we specialize in lifestyle photography and authentic, visual storytelling. Our holistic approach to capturing one-of-a-kind moments has allowed their work to be featured in Essence magazine, Munaluchi Bride, MochaKid magazine, on The Real daytime talk show, on the OWN network, and more.

GLORY: Magical Visions of Black Beauty, the book

The new book by photographers Kahran and Regis Bethencourt contains a foreword by Amanda Seales and glorious photos of young child models in various hairstyles and outfits to celebrate their beauty. The studio webmaster notes, “From the dynamite husband and wife duo behind CreativeSoul Photography comes GLORY, a photography book that shatters the conventional standards of beauty for Black children. With stunning images of natural hair and gorgeous, inventive visual storytelling, GLORY puts Black beauty front and center with more than 100 breathtaking photographs and a collection of powerful essays about the children. At its heart, it is a recognition and celebration of the versatility and innate beauty of black hair, and black beauty. The glorious coffee-table book pays homage to the story of our royal past, celebrates the glory of the here and now, and even dares to forecast the future.”

You can pre-order the book on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble or Books a Million. The black princess portraits book in hardcover retails for $27.00. For individual items or prints, you can purchase what you like on the company’s website here:  creativesoulphoto.com/princess.

glory book stack of black princesses

We’d love to see a royal prince session next from the photo studio. The Disney Princes get so little love, we’re sure an artist or photographer such as these could really give them a new light.

Become a Model or Book A Session

If you live in Atlanta and care to submit your child for the series by CreativeSoul Photography studio, visit the link here to submit your information and a photo. They do welcome models but keep in mind they have so many submissions that only 1% or so of their database is used. If you’re still coveting that glorious photo session, the FAQ section of their website is chock full of the answers you are looking for, including pricing and how to book.

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