Comments for “Aladdin” Live-Action Sequel in the Works, Disney Planning Theatrical Release

"Aladdin" live-action remake

Credit: Disney


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    Darth FINALLY

    That’s great. Maybe Disney+ will finally get the Aladdin cartoon now!

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    Unnecessary! There really is a feeling of if it ain’t broke, we’ll fix it anyway. The live-action remake wasn’t great, it was okay, but the fact that it didn’t pick up a single nomination at the Oscars (I thought ‘Speechless’ was a shoo-in for Best Original Song nomination). There are loads of movies that do well at the box office, and they don’t all get or need sequels, and ‘Aladdin’ is one of them. Although, if Disney wanted to go down the 1001 Tales of Arabian Nights route for a future movie (animated of course), then ‘Ali Baba’ would be a good one to be considered.

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