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Zac Efron Jack Sparrow

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  1. Sam

    Why not Johnny Depp?

    1. BRIAN

      Ikr. Tbh it’s a bit stupid not having Johnny Depp as Jack sparrow no offence

      1. Akk

        Johnny Depp is simply too old at this point

        1. Justin Sharp

          Then they should play him out…not TRY and replace him….only Johnny for Jack

        2. Tyler Rowan

          I am really worried about a reboot of the Franchise, I may be in the minority but I loved Dead Men Tell No Tales, and they left it open for a sixth and final movie. But to be fully honest there can be no pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

        3. Rebecca

          I’m honestly probably not gonna watch it if Johnny depp isn’t in it??‍♀️?

        4. Marilyn DePratto


        5. Sandra Heeskens-Janssen

          Jhonny Depp is Sparrow not Efron. Not gonna watch this move without Depp in it

        6. Linda

          No he’s not! He is THE ONE AND ONLY JACK!
          Johnny or no one!

      2. Eden

        There’s this guy on TikToc that looks 100% like Johnny Depp and can do the walk and the talk…they obviously didn’t look hard enough

        1. Alice


      3. Roland

        Some people never learn. Remember Two and a Half Men? Charlie Sheen was fired. The series crashes. Potc without Depp is absurd.

        1. Jack

          Look up Robert Sheehan, the dude from umbrella academy he’s perfect

          1. OH

            DAMN! I never thought of Robert Sheehan doing that, now that you mention it he would literally be perfect he is a great actor even before umbrella academy. He was in Misfits and if anybody watched that they would 1000% agree

      4. CR

        Only Depp should play Capt. Jack, otherwise, cast a whole different pirate character for the franchise. Let someone develope the character of Jack’s son instead. That option was made available years ago. There will only be one Jack Sparrow, and that is Johnny Depp!

        1. eivra BNuriyeozer321@gmail.comuNdbjD

          I concordo perfettamente, per quanto io possa adorare alla follia zac efron, pirati dei Caraibi non sarebbe lo stesso senza Johnny D

      5. Natalie

        Why don’t they use frank Dillane he looks abit like Johnny Depp he would do a fantastic job playing Jack sparrow

      6. No, tbh, the moment you start acting thats already studpidity in and of itself. Who cares whether the character is this person or that person?

      7. Lex

        No, just no. They can’t replace Johnny Depp. It wont work, Johnny is the franchise. If Johnny’s not Jack Sparrow I won’t be watching.

    2. Ron

      It will be ok, this reboot is.gonna have sooo much SJW in it, it will make Starwars look great….

    3. This better be a good reboot, osi no me los despido

    4. Christa Nicodemus


    5. AliB

      Because of the problems he had in his private life that became very public

    6. bob

      Nothing any of you say is worth anything. :p Nobody cares if you value Johnny Depp. You are too old to matte! The remake isn’t for you. :p You are already in your graves. You should probably throw dirt on yourselves now. You walking dead that don’t matter people you! OLD UGLY USED UP. DONE FOR!

      1. Paul C Terry

        You accuse everyone of being old and used up, but your presentation just shows how very young and immature you are. And you might actually learn how to write coherently while your examining your attitude.

      2. Blane

        Ok then let a young person tell you: the remake without johnny depp will be trash

  2. Annie

    It will not be the same without Johnny Depp. Not excited at all!

    1. Mishal

      None can replace Johnny Depp. Captain Jack sparrow is nothing without him.
      I really would pray the reboot to be a complete failure in the box office if Johnny Depp isn’t gonna return….

  3. Nichole Alderete

    This is bullsh** if they are going to reduce this movie get Johnny Depp back as jack sparrow this is just a insult and a giant slap in his face. This shouldnt happen ERG

    1. Keith

      The movie needs Johnny Depp. I would like to see Charlie Sheen play a pirate character but not take the place of Johnny Depp.

  4. Erica

    It won’t work at all. I’m sorry their is only one jack sparrow. That is Johnny Depp.

    1. No Johnny Depp. It’ll flop. Zac is very talented but he’s not Captain Jack Sparrow

  5. Ron

    Doesn’t this open up for the Character “RED”? She’s a strong woman, is a pirate and not to be sexist, she will be attractive in a tight fitting top. Hollywood gold. Could be based around her, think Captain Marvel? Disney can send the royalty check to me at …….

    1. JoAnn

      I have been waiting for another Pirates movie, but, only with Johnny Depp.

      1. Martha Tarr

        This makes me think of how older employees won’t retire to let someone younger get established. Sac is totally able to adapt.

      2. Lu

        No Jack. No Johnny. No money from me!

    2. Micah

      No Johnny Depp, no
      Pirates of the Caribbean. We love you Caption Jack Sparrow ?
      Prob not gonna watch ?

    3. Leslie Michelle Niebauer

      No no no. Bad idea. Don’t reboot and have a new actor play Captain Jack Sparrow. At least not for a good 10 years or more. For now, introduce new pirates. And maybe get William and Elizabeth back in.

    4. Ron

      Here’s the plot, thought up in 2 minutes while walking yesterday. Red is a 12 year old girl being sold, (like the original ride) she daringly escapes, this makes a nice opening to the film, runs into an aging pirate, (Depp cameo) fade to black 20 years later, she has her own ship. While trying to pirate another ship, Efron, also a pirate in his own ship is trying from the other side. Both of their ships get blown up, they each swim to the new abandoned ship (from opposite sides) make their way on, not noticing the other. Bump into one another and it’s a love squabble over whose ship it is, they work together pirating, while plotting against each other, falling in love at the end. GOLD!!! LOL

  6. So is this going to be a reboot for tweens because I doubt anyone will see it!
    This should be viewed as an embarrassment for Disney. Just come up with a new movie idea already. Quite regurgitating old movies!

    1. Kai

      If Disney goes through with this, this will be a bigger upset than cats.

  7. I wants allof the pirates ofthe caribbean movies, i wants johnny depp in them everyoe wants johnny depp in them, i’m his most hugest fan ever and forever. Everybody says the new pirates of the caribbean movies won’t be the same without him in them. Please gives him a second chance on everything. Everybody makes mistakes, there’s no such thing as perfect. Johnny Depp even looks mostly cherokee like me he has the high cheek bones husky indian voice,indian-shaped eyes and he looks totally indian when he’s angry in his movies. Please gives Johnny Depp a second chance, i’m his most hugest fan ever and forever.The new pirates of the caribbean films won’t be the same without him,all of his fans wants him in them ‘ everybody loves beloved johnny depp as. Capt.Jack Sparrow. Thanks..

  8. Adam

    Big shoes to fill! But Zac is amazing and will surprise everyone with what he brings.

    Maybe he’s just searching for Jack Sparrow’s Treasure.

    1. Ia

      Listen, johnny was the abused one, look up incredibly average on youtube to learn more

  9. TimGee

    He needs his own iconic character. Jack Sparrow shouldn’t be replaced with a new actor. Besides, I’m quite done with Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp too.

  10. Karen

    POTC COTBP is my favorite movie of all time. It’s a classic at this point. I wish they would just leave it alone. The sequels were decent, though none nearly as good at the first. There’s no reason, beyond greed, to try to recreate something with different actors that was already good enough. BIG THUMBS DOWN.

    *Sidenote: I hope this rumor is untrue. Depp is the iconic Captain Jack. Period. Part of why he works so well in that role is his brilliant acting and wardrobe, but also because of his looks. With his softer jawline and big, dark eyes, he was able to believably portray a bad boy with a heart of gold. Zac Efron is attractive, but in a different way. He looks like frat boy with his small eyes and square jaw. I think he would fit in nicely as one of the officials in the British Royal Navy that butts heads with the pirates but that’s it.

    Bottom line: This reboot is unnecessary and an insult to original series.

  11. Tim

    Why not make a WHOLE NEW pirate series? Be Fn ORIGINAL already. A reboot wont come close to the originals.

    1. Amy Krueger

      If disney does this this will be the stupidest move they have done since that idiot for han solo. There is only one jack and its Johnny Depp. Disney needs to realize that didn’t do what that dumb female said he did so stop punishing him Disney

    2. Arty Divertida

      Yes new series

    3. Kat

      Johnny drop is Jack Sparrow. Period. Make a different movie, story. Leave Jack to Johnny.

  12. Tina Welch


  13. Ben

    Hollywood is desperate

    I love Zac, and he’s really grown on me as an actor, and I’m sure he’d do a great job, but the story doesn’t need a reboot.

    1. Justin Sharp

      Then they should play him out…not TRY and replace him….only Johnny for Jack

  14. Rachel A Martin

    Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow!!If there’s no Johnny Depp then I want be seeing the movie .They need to give Johnny Depp the respect he deserves for his outstanding character of Captain Jack Sparrow that he created!

  15. Bill

    Don’t be stupid! Even the thought that anybody other then Johnny depp could play jack is rediculous and the idiot that came up with the idea needs to be drawn and quartered !

  16. Sheila

    Wake up guys! Johnny Depp is the ( Pirate of the Caribbean ). There’s none other.

  17. Debbie c

    I think replacing Johnny Depp is a huge error in judgement He made those movirs

  18. Abhijith

    Jhony depps signature is jack sparrow
    No one can put that more perfectly than him

  19. Desiree

    It’s because Johnny Depp doesn’t want to play him anymore. He had a “good run” as the actor put it.

  20. I agree Johnny Sep made the character work . oh well I have the. Oreginal series I’m golden.

  21. Lynn Carol Feinn

    Seriously? Nobody can play Captain Jack Sparrow than Johnny Depp! It’s Johnny’s role ,his character. I,for one WILL NOT go see the reboot if there’s no Johnny Depp!! Zac Efron IS NOT the right person to play the part!!

    1. Arty Divertida


      1. I think without johny depp the movie become a unsuccessfull

  22. Arty Divertisa

    Pirati dei caraibi

  23. Daniel A

    Let’s see how long it will move without Johny drop

  24. Adam St.Martin

    I love Zac Efron. But he can NOT play Jack Sparrow.

    Johnny Depp is the real Captain Jack Sparrow. No one should not replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. I love Johnny Depp too.

  25. A-Fan

    Johnny Depp is not too old to play Jack Sparrow I love Zac Efron but Johnny Depp is the only one that played Jack Sparrow he’s not too old getting back you Johnny Depp knows what to do

  26. Andrei

    I agree the movie is what it is because of him. He made it known. You’re instantly link to the elements Deep and the series not Efron.

    1. shadow

      Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow!!If there’s no Johnny Depp then I dont want to seen.No one should not replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. BRING BACK JOHNNY!!!

  27. Hell no Johnny Depp only they did things like this to Robin Williams Johnny Depp is the best person to play this role why is Hollywood ruining great movies

  28. Joann

    I just watched all the PofC movies and am stoked to see a new one., BUT ONLY with Johnny Depp. Idk the said reasons or circumstances behind wanting to bring in someone else[Efron] to play Capt. Jack Sparrow but I do know that as much as I’m dieing to see another PiratesofCaribbean movie, It would only be with the actor who made the movies possible and big as they are today [Johnny Depp] So either sequel with Johnny Depp or let the series be done ands start a new.

  29. Harry

    This is gonna be the worst decision possible. Potc 6 should happen only with Johnny depp, if it’s a different actor it would never be the same. Also they build a next movie up with potc 5 post credit scene . Johnny did no wrong , he was on the wrong side of the me too movement with his previous wife, she lied to claim not only money but also destroyed him , so people would not put him in their movies.

  30. cinemask

    No Johnny, no tickets. For me, it’s that simple.

  31. Sandy

    NO, just NO!!!

  32. D.S.

    This is just dumb! It’s WAY too soon for a reboot and is an insult to everyone in the first movie to re-do it this soon! Pick something else!

  33. Sharon Marsoun

    Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow! Anything less would be ridiculous; we’re not fools! And why would I (or any other fan, for that matter), want to see a POTC movie without him?

  34. Sissi

    Johnny depp is captain jack sparrow,he made the films with his character,please dont insult his fans by trying to bring someone else in to do his role,personally i wont ever watch or buy another pirates film…quite sad really

  35. SandepKumar

    No one should act like Johnny Depp for Jack Sparrow character…….

  36. Barbie 375

    I agree with all of you, I mean I love zac efron but it just wouldn’t be right to see him instead of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the caribbeans. If they really want to do a reboot I’m not sure I would watch it at this point.

  37. Mac83

    Would you replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones? Mike drop…

  38. Manoj Kumar D

    NO one equal to Johnny depp

    1. Katrina DeMille

      I won’t watch Captain Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp. Kill the character off that be fine but don’t rebooted I won’t go watch it ever!!!! Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow permanently!!!!

  39. Zett Funda

    They should take him out really but making him dead on the movie because no one can play what Johnny deep did as Jack sparrow.
    So that is insanity they tryanna do.

  40. Luffy

    Pleaaaaasseeeeee no!! Every major movie he’s been in he’s ruined. Bring back Depp or make a younger Jack for the adventures when he was younger.

  41. EvelynK

    Wow. My 5 year old grandson is absolutely nuts for Pirates of the Caribbean and Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. I just redid his room in our house with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. He’s got pirate ships and figures. His interest started with a playmobil pirate ship that expanded into the movies. I guess he’d handle a change, much like changes he’s seen in Spider-Man, but this change in Sparrow seems wrong.

  42. Warren

    John is captain Jack sparrow without him its wastage … please don’t take him away

  43. Zac M

    I think Zac Efron would do a great job

  44. Scarlett

    There is only one person who is the main actor, that is Johnny Depp. He is the real Captain Jack Sparrow!! No Disney shame on you!!

  45. Jingle

    There is no other Jack Sparrow then Jonny Depp!!!!

  46. Marilyn DePratto

    There’s is only one Jack Sparrow,, JOHNNY DEPP

  47. jill seyffart

    Nobody can replace Johnny Depp as jack sparrow

  48. Antonio

    I am Italian I loved Johnny Deep and I’m so sorry. The Disney are so stupid they are elimened Johnny Deep why, why, why. I don’t know

    1. Lins

      Tbh I don’t like the idea of replacing Johnny because he’s the reason why we like the character so if there is no Johnny there is no jack sparrow •_• FYI I’m a huge fan of Zack Efron but that doesn’t mean that he can do as great as Johnny by being jack sparrow.

  49. Sandra Heeskens-Janssen

    Jhonny Depp is Sparrow not Efron. Not gonna watch this move without Depp in it

  50. Jordan Orndorff

    This is stupid. It should be Johnny Depp. Zac Efron would not make a good Captain Jack Sparrow.

  51. Nerissa

    That is honestly the dumbest thing Disney could possibly do for the Pirates series. Johnny Depp made the character what it was! There is no other Jack Sparrow and even someone as good as Efron couldnt duplicate Johnny’s creation. Its one thing to just have no sparrow, but its quite another to try and replace him. Sorry but i know without Johnny, I would have never seen one of the Pirates movie!! Team Jack !!!

  52. I want to bringing back the original character JohnnyDepp as a Captain JackSparrow….is my gratitude to be loving him pirates of the Caribbean history”

  53. Catherine P Haskins

    Efron is not a pirate. Johnny built the character. If you can’t use Johnny just leave it alone and let it die a peaceful death.

  54. gabe

    it’s because they can’t pay him for how much he’s worth so they’re replacing him..

    1. Linda

      No he’s not! He is THE ONE AND ONLY JACK!
      Johnny or no one!

  55. Extreme

    Im never watch this film whitout jny dp

  56. AliB

    Nothing against Zac, I like him. But this reboot is not needed. Make him a different pirate (jack sparrow wanabe!) Leave the original alone.

  57. Anthony Tyson

    Zach Efron could play Jack Sparrow’s (Johnny Depp) Cousin or something. But anyone other than Depp playing the role, count me out! Besides, wasn’t it established that Depp’s ex wife LIED about the things she accused Depp of? Bring BACK Johnny! It’s HIS Role! Pirates isn’t PIRATES without him!

  58. Thomas A Obryant

    This will RUIN the franchise in many ways just because it may not be Johnny Depp as jack sparrow

  59. Lisa

    I won’t go to see it unless Johnny Depp is playing the part!!!! Alot of people won’t!!!

    GIVE JOHNNY HIS PART BACK. Maybe after they failed him, he won’t want the part back!

  60. Lisa

    I won’t be going to see it, there’s only 1 Jack Sparrow and that is Johnny Depp!

    They made a huge mistake not letting him play Jack Sparrow again.

  61. Lu

    Simple for me too! No Johnny. No money from me. The next thing Disney will do is take Johnny’s ability to use the costume at all the hospitals he to brighten up hundreds of children. I can see that coming

  62. Paula Byler


  63. Traci

    Why not keep Depp? who cares if he’s aging, create stories accordingly

  64. Joe

    When Disney adds their political agenda into their movies, it will fail. Respect the fans!

  65. Aaaargue with mee, mayte!

    This is quite the stupid idea.

    If they want to reboot those movies, they should just go Depp-less and make films that stand on their own

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  66. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  67. Wilder Fury

    Thanks for sharing that with us.

  68. Sammi

    Jack Sparrow and Jonny Depp are one in the same can’t be changed. ❤️❤️❤️

  69. Johnny Depp is the ONLY Jack Sparrow.

  70. Theresa

    There is only 1 Jack Sparrow and that is Johnny Depp.. Anyone else will ruin it! So what he has aged we all do! Don’t care who plays it but if it is not Johnny Depp no one will go see it simple as that! I won’t so you won’t get my money!

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