Comments for Woman Demands For New Cinema Hairstyle Policy: ‘Giant Bun’ Blocks View of “Frozen 2”

Frozen 2

Credit: Disney


  1. Jackie

    Seriously?? What old fashioned movie theatre did she go to most theatres have reclining seats now where that wouldn’t be an issue! Maybe you should have just waited a month for the dvd and watched it at home where nothing would be in your way!

  2. Stacy

    If you really look at the picture, the woman’s actual head blocks most the screen NOT her bun…. Pretty sure she couldn’t change that.

  3. Greg Skywalker

    The lady is wasting her time complaining if she expects people to be considerate. I do agree that the hair bun was blocking her view. She should have said something right then to the lady, no matter how she looked, instead of making this her crusade and expecting the theater to enforce some hair policy. It would be like if the lady wore a big hat. If you don’t say something, she will not realize she’s blocking your view. Life isn’t fair. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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