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The Owl House

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  1. Jackie

    First off i am wicca and if she wasnt into devil worshiping etc taking hold of her life then thats not wiccan sorry! I do not believe what others do for that matter i do not believe in heaven or hell! So obviously can not believe theres a devil if there is no hell! My symbol is the penticale or star it was once used by early christians before the cross so they could hide from the romans. I believe it keeps me ground to mother earth! All wiccas are protectors of earth and we believe in coexsisting w everyone else!
    Besides might a point out everyone whose obsessed w hp and frozen etc isnt too worried about this why this cartoon!?

    1. Jackie

      Correction to above if she was into devil worshiping like claimed then she was devil worshiping thats not wicca!

  2. Harley

    Its a cartoon and i watch it w my kid we are catholic and i do not have a problem w it! I have a problem w people ? Cartoons movies etc all of a sudden the pc world of crap needs to find a sense of reality your not the only person nor religion on this planet! My mom is religion teacher and we are big on coexisting but know for many obviously its a concept people do not grasp sadly!
    Besides its a cartoon if anything is going to make my kid think theres such a think blame hp!

  3. Mark

    My daughter is 4 not only is this one of her favorites and its all about friendship… her favorite musicals are wicked and beetlejuice i am not worried at all as a parent! I am more worried about her in this crazy world where people give my religion a bad name and also pull of my daughters fav cartoon and aparently theres others if its been renewed!

  4. Luna

    It a good show

    1. KELLY

      I for one will not let my daughter watch this show. I just saw a few minutes of it and they were talking about demons!!! And for all of you who think that is not a big deal you have another thing coming. It is a bad idea and has to do with dark black magic not Wicca. ITS NOT SOMETHING WE SHOUlD BE PROGRAMMING OUR CHILDRENS YOUNG BEAUTIFUL MINDS WITH.

      1. Kamillah Mendoza

        Shut up Kelly. Someone talking about demons in a cartoon isn’t going to your daughter make a human sacafrice to satan himself. If it does that im sorry but thats on you and YOUR bad parenting. Childrens minds are also not as beautiful as you may think and if your keeping your daughter caged from every single little thing its just going to ruin her and make you her. sorry but someone had to say it

  5. Michelle Anderson

    According to the Indianapolis Star three children in Indiana from the same house showed signs of demon possession. A psychologist saw the nine-year-old child walk up a wall backwards. Medical staff saw one of the children thrown into a wall with nobody touching him. Ask the mother of these children if demons are a laughing matter. There is a spiritual realm and good and evil. It would be best not to confuse the two. Ask yourself if demons exist, where did they come from? There is a Creator God, and demons are proof beyond the wonder of creation we can see.

    1. Mark

      There is huge difference between ghosts and demons…. that sounds like something you watched in a horror movie! Besides when in this article did it mention this show was the cause??? Do not comment on something that had nothing to do w the point! The point is its a cartoon about friendship and bc she happens to befriend a demon and witch which both are good characters neither is evil or hurting the main human girl everyone is having a fit!

  6. LizS

    Really, really! Stuff like this makes my brain hurt. A show isn’t going to turn anyone into a witch or whatever. If that was true, my kids would be many things. Stop being dramatic and enjoy the shows!!!

  7. Matt

    OMG Chiffon, I love your profile picture. Lovely!!!

  8. Linda J Cundiff

    She wasn’t a real witch anyways.

  9. Heather

    I’m a 40+ yr old Pagan who never thought the Harry Potter books harmed anyone. JK Rowling’s stories always made a clear moral distinction between good vs. evil magic, which is why I felt other faith-based folks shouldn’t be upset by them.

    However, The Owl House is a COMPLETELY different cartoon which actually makes fun of “goody goody” magic and actively promotes Satanic/Luciferian sorcery (Hey kids, guess who ‘King’ really is! (He’s a goat demon, not a dog)). Shows like this are meant to -normalize- black magic by riding the coattails of shows with more mainstream Earth-based Pagan themes (like Hilda) that want nothing to do with evil magic.

    The characters are effectively engaging but are surrounded by symbols like the Left-Hand-Path Evil Eye (such as the one on Eda’s couch & traveling mirror-portal suitcase), Satanic gates of Inception motifs, the twinned satanic SS, & Baphomet crown-inspired lamps & furniture.

    Make no mistake: animations like ‘Helluva Boss’ & ‘The Owl House’ are purposely intended to blur the moral ground between good & evil magic & normalize black occult sorcery to kids while masquerading as comedy cartoon shows.

    1. Heather

      I forgot to add that The Owl House’s head principal at the Sorcery College actually wears a Devil mask, which is about as obvious as one can get. In this way, ‘The Owl House’ is not hiding anything & makes its intentions fairly clear.

      1. KELLY

        This show is nothing but crap and trying to program our childrens young beautiful minds with satanic black occult magic.

        1. swag

          kelly i will actually curse you with my non- existent magic . Literally shut up

  10. B. Duke

    I watched The Owl House today for the very first time with my ten-year-old granddaughter and was horrified at what I was hearing and seeing. Conjuring, demons, and casting spells are common in this “cartoon”, all of which are things of darkness. The Owl House should – in my opinion – be banned from television. I told my granddaughter that we would not be watching this in our home and we turned the channel.

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