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    First off i am wicca and if she wasnt into devil worshiping etc taking hold of her life then thats not wiccan sorry! I do not believe what others do for that matter i do not believe in heaven or hell! So obviously can not believe theres a devil if there is no hell! My symbol is the penticale or star it was once used by early christians before the cross so they could hide from the romans. I believe it keeps me ground to mother earth! All wiccas are protectors of earth and we believe in coexsisting w everyone else!
    Besides might a point out everyone whose obsessed w hp and frozen etc isnt too worried about this why this cartoon!?

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      Correction to above if she was into devil worshiping like claimed then she was devil worshiping thats not wicca!

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    Its a cartoon and i watch it w my kid we are catholic and i do not have a problem w it! I have a problem w people ? Cartoons movies etc all of a sudden the pc world of crap needs to find a sense of reality your not the only person nor religion on this planet! My mom is religion teacher and we are big on coexisting but know for many obviously its a concept people do not grasp sadly!
    Besides its a cartoon if anything is going to make my kid think theres such a think blame hp!

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    My daughter is 4 not only is this one of her favorites and its all about friendship… her favorite musicals are wicked and beetlejuice i am not worried at all as a parent! I am more worried about her in this crazy world where people give my religion a bad name and also pull of my daughters fav cartoon and aparently theres others if its been renewed!

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    It a good show

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    Michelle Anderson

    According to the Indianapolis Star three children in Indiana from the same house showed signs of demon possession. A psychologist saw the nine-year-old child walk up a wall backwards. Medical staff saw one of the children thrown into a wall with nobody touching him. Ask the mother of these children if demons are a laughing matter. There is a spiritual realm and good and evil. It would be best not to confuse the two. Ask yourself if demons exist, where did they come from? There is a Creator God, and demons are proof beyond the wonder of creation we can see.

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      There is huge difference between ghosts and demons…. that sounds like something you watched in a horror movie! Besides when in this article did it mention this show was the cause??? Do not comment on something that had nothing to do w the point! The point is its a cartoon about friendship and bc she happens to befriend a demon and witch which both are good characters neither is evil or hurting the main human girl everyone is having a fit!

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    Really, really! Stuff like this makes my brain hurt. A show isn’t going to turn anyone into a witch or whatever. If that was true, my kids would be many things. Stop being dramatic and enjoy the shows!!!

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    Any show that a hate group like One Million Moms is opposed to is alright in my book. This content is laughable but congrats on the clicks lol.

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      OMG Chiffon, I love your profile picture. Lovely!!!

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    Linda J Cundiff

    She wasn’t a real witch anyways.

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